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EC Youth Football gets underway tonight

web posted September 13, 2010

COUNTY – The Edgefield County Youth Football League got underway Saturday and starts the regular season games starting tonight at the Edgefield County Park (Bettis Park). The full schedule is now available online as well as a printable version for handy reference.

*Home team listed first - Bench on Press Box side*

C-League: 6-8 year olds (6:00pm)  
(**Games will be on Baseball Field)               

 B-League: 9&10 year olds (6:00pm)
(7:00pm on Wednesday’s)                       
 A-League: 11&12 year olds    (7:15pm)
(*** Games will be played on main football field)

Printer friendly version Click Here

Monday, September 13

Bettis Complex

Tuesday, September 14

Bettis Complex

Wednesday, September 15

Bettis Complex

6:00pm  Broncos vs Bears                    C      

6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Bulldogs               C

6:00pm Falcons vs Bears                  C        

6:00pm  Broncos vs Bears                    B    

6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Bulldogs               B

7:00pm Falcons vs Bears                  B

7:15pm  Falcons vs Bears                     A

7:15pm Ridge Spring vs Bulldogs               A


Monday, September 20

Bettis Complex

Tuesday, September 21

Bettis Complex


6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Falcons         C

6:00pm Bulldogs vs Bears                            C


6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Falcons         B

6:00pm Bulldogs vs Bears                            B                            


7:15pm Ridge Spring vs Falcons         A

7:15pm Bulldogs vs Bears                            A


Monday, September 27

Bettis Complex

Tuesday, September 28

Bettis Complex

Wednesday, September 29

Bettis Complex

6:00pm Broncos vs Falcons                 C

6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Bears                    C

6:00pm Broncos vs Bulldogs     C

6:00pm Broncos vs Falcons                 B

6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Bears                     B     

7:00pm Broncos vs. Bulldogs          B

7:15pm Bulldogs vs Falcons                A

7:15pm Ridge Spring vs Bears                     A


Monday, October 4

Bettis Complex

Tuesday, October 5

Bettis Complex

Wednesday, October 6

Bettis Complex

6:00pm Bulldogs vs. Ridge Spring      C

6:00pm Falcons vs Bears                             C 

6:00pmRidge Spring vs Broncos   C

6:00pm Bulldogs vs. Ridge Spring      B

6:00pm Falcons vs Bears                             B

7:00pm Ridge Spring vs Broncos        B

7:15pm Bulldogs vs. Ridge Spring      A 

7:15pm Falcons vs Bears                             A


Monday, October 11

Bettis Complex

Tuesday, October 12

Bettis Complex


6:00pm Bulldogs vs Bears                    C          

6:00pm Falcons vs Broncos                         C


6:00pm Bulldogs vs Bears                    B          

6:00pm Falcons vs Broncos                         B


7:15pm Bulldogs s Bears                      A       

7:15pm Falcons vs Ridge Spring                 A       


Monday, October 18

Bettis Complex

Tuesday, October 19

Bettis Complex

Wednesday, October20

Bettis Complex

6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Broncos        C

6:00pm Falcons vs Bulldogs                        C

6:00pm         4 vs 5                       C

6:00pm Ridge Spring vs Broncos        B

6:00pm Falcons vs Bulldogs                        B                                              

7:00pm           4 vs. 5                         B

7:15pm Ridge Spring vs Bears             A

7:15pm Falcons vs Bulldogs                        A      


Monday, October 25


Bettis Complex

Tuesday, October 26


Bettis Complex

Saturday, October 30

Bowl Game

Bettis Complex

6:00pm               2 vs. 3                          C         

6:00pm               1 vs. Winner of 4-5 game   C

10:00am              C League

6:00pm               2 vs. 3                          B

6:00pm               1 vs. Winner of 4-5 game  B                             

11:15am              B League

7:15pm               2 vs. 3                          A         

7:15pm               1 vs. 4                                  A

12:30pm              A League

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