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Sample ballot for Nov. 4 Election

web posted October 15, 2008
COUNTY – Below is a representation of the items and those seeking election as listed on the ballot in the November 4 General Election for Edgefield County. The listing is not a reproduction of the actual ballot, but is taken from the actual sample ballot provided by the Edgefield County Election Office. The listing is to inform voters of the content of the actual ballot. 

Voters will be asked to choose among the following:

Ballot – Edgefield County General Election
November 4, 2008

Straight Party

President and Vice President
Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente – Green
John McCaine & Sarah Palin – Republican
Bob Barr & Wayne A Root – Libertarian
Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez – Petition
Barack Obama & Joe Biden – Democratic
Chuck Baldwin & Darrell Castle – Constitution

U.S. Senate
Lindey Graham – Republican
Bob Conley – Democratic
Write In

U.S. House of Representatives District 3
J. Gresham Barrett – Republican
Jane Ballard Dyer – Democratic
Write In

State Senate District 25
Shane Massey – Republican
Greg Anderson – Democratic
Write In

Circuit Solicitor 11
Donald V Myers – Republican
Write In

Adell Dobey – Democratic
Write In

Clerk of Court
Shirley F Newby – Democratic
Write In

Soil and Water District Commissioner
William G Smith III – Non Partisan
Write In

County Council Dist 1
Trace Foust – Republican
Norman Dorn – Democratic

County Council Dist 2
Rodney Ashcraft – Republican

County Council Dist 3
Charles Monroe Kneece, Sr. – Democratic

County Council Dist 4
Willie C. Bright – Democratic

County Council Dist 5
Genia Blackwell – Republican

School Board – Non Partisan
Dist 3
James Bibbs, Sr.

Dist 4
Brad Covar
Benjamin David Franklin

Dist 6
Kenneth Collier
Sallie Cooks

Dist 7
Scott Chitty
J. Chris Hoffman

Beaverdam Watershed Commissioners
Edgar Lamb
Alam M. Perano

Local Question:
Shall the County of Edgefield change the terms of office for its County Council members from two year terms to four year staggers terms?
In Favor of the Question / Yes
Opposed to the Question / No

Constitutional Amendments
Amendment 1
Must Section 33, Article III of the Constitution of this State be amended so as to delete the provision that no unmarried woman shall legally consent to sexual intercourse who shall not have attained the age of fourteen years?
Explanation of Above:
This amendment deletes the section of the Constitution which says an unmarried woman must be fourteen years old or older in order to consent to sexual intercourse. Deleting this section would allow the state legislature to set the age of consent. Currently, the state legislature has the age of consent set at sixteen for most cases.
A "yes" vote would delete the section from the Constitution and let the state legislature set the age of consent.
A "no" vote would leave the section of the Constitution in place.
Amendment 2
Must Section 16, Article X of the Constitution of this State relating to benefits and funding of public employee pension plans in this State and the investments allowed for funds of the various state-operated retirement systems be amended so as to provide that the funds of any trust fund established by law for the funding of post-employment benefits for state employees and public school teachers may be invested and reinvested in equity securities subject to the same limitations on such investments applicable for the funds of the various state-operated retirement systems?
Explanation of Above:
"Post-employment benefits" are benefits, mainly health insurance, provided to eligible state government and school district retirees.
To comply with a change in accounting standards, the state has created trust funds to pay for these post-employment benefits. This amendment relates to how the money in these trust funds may be invested.
A "yes" vote would give the state government the option to invest these funds in equity securities (stocks).
A "no" vote would mean that state government is not allowed to invest these funds in any kind of equity securities (stocks).
Amendment 3
Must Section 16, Article X of the Constitution of this State relating to benefits and funding of public employee pension plans in this State and the investments allowed for funds of the various state-operated retirement systems be amended so as to provide that the funds of any political subdivision of this State that have been set aside for the funding of post-employment benefits for the political subdivision's employees, including those invested in independent trusts established for that purpose, may be invested or reinvested in equity securities of the type permitted for investment by the various state operated retirement systems, as provided for by the General Assembly?
Explanation of Above:
This amendment is the same as Amendment 2 except it applies to local governments' post-employment benefits (instead of the state government's post-employment benefits).

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