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January 9, 2006

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Mediocrity and Wearing SCUBA Gear

By: Dr. Skip Myers

EdgefieldDaily.com columnist
web posted January 9, 2006

There are certain little tidbits of knowledge that we collect along the way. We then look for opportunities to share them hoping that we will appear to be just a bit more intelligent than we actually are. Many years ago I came across such a molecule of information. Since that day, I have tirelessly searched for opportunities to use this bit of information.

Do you know how hard it is to work the definition of SCUBA into a sermon! It usually goes something like this, “Take your Bibles this morning and we will be looking at the miracle of calming the raging storm. By the way, did you know that none of the disciples were wearing SCUBA gear at the time of this miracle. And did you know that SCUBA stands for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus?”  For some reason, that approach has never made me look as smart as I had hoped it would.

SCUBA gear could very well be tagged as the national symbol of spiritual mediocrity. This is to say nothing about the spirituality of those who enjoy diving. Just think about SCUBA gear for a moment and what it enables. It is a man-made miracle. It takes something that could be truly miraculous and makes it something that is humanly controlled. The miracle is not taking equipment and breathing underwater but rather, doing it without any manufactured assistance. Fish are the miracle, not tanks of air.

We miss the miraculous in our lives because we have settled for the miracles of man and do not live in the miraculous nature of God. I know I tend to lose sight of this one fact: GOD IS AWESOME! My God becomes too small and I become too big. The bigger I become, the less I am able to experience the greatness of God and therefore, settle for the mediocre.

In the Bible, (Matthew 14:23-33) Jesus invited Peter to come out and walk on the water with Him. At that moment, Peter had no SCUBA gear on to insure his survival in the water. When he stepped out of that boat, it was just him, the Lord, and the water. No safety net; just a Lord who was showing a man what he could do if he was willing to be obedient. For one brief moment, Peter experienced the miraculous! He shared something with Christ that no other person ever experienced.

I have heard so many sermons on this passage that focus on the fact that Peter took his eyes off the Lord and began to sink. Yeah, sure he did because he was human. Fear and excitement got the best of him. But, HE GOT OUT OF THE BOAT!  But, PETER WALKED ON THE WATER! It never crossed the minds of the other eleven in the boat that they could walk on water. Just like it never crosses our minds that God wants us to walk with Him on the water. We are too busy huddled in our cocoons of mediocrity. We think SCUBA gear is a miracle! And that is why we never experience the full nature of God.
At that moment, Jesus was allowing Peter to get a taste of the possibilities that were to come from their relationship. The same possibilities that exist for us in our relationship with Him. We just have to make a decision to take off the SCUBA gear and be obedient and GET OUT OF THE BOAT! We are not on our own. Jesus is already out in the water calling us to Him. He is there waiting. Go to Him and stop making Him come to you. It is the difference between living in the miraculous and settling for mediocrity.

Over the next several weeks, we will take a closer look at this wonderful passage of scripture. From it, we will be extracting the essence of walking in the miraculous. For now, simply begin to examine your life and the miraculous. Believe it is a possibility in your life. Move beyond restricting the miraculous to physical or financial healing. The miraculous is not one or two isolated events. It is a lifestyle offered to us by a God whose love has been demonstrated. It is abundant life without the SCUBA gear.

John 10:10: I came that you might have life and have it abundantly. –Jesus Christ

Dr. Myers is Pastor of Smiths Station Baptist Church, Smiths Station Alabama and a former Youth Minister of Sweetwater Baptist Church (1981-1986)
Contact Dr. Myers: E-mail

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