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Walking on the Wild Side
web posted January 23, 2006
By: Dr. Skip Myers columnist

“It wasn’t unusual for Jesus to spend long periods of time in prayer. So I thought nothing of it when He told us to get into the boat and go ahead to the other side. After what we had just seen, it didn’t surprise me that the Lord wanted to spend some time alone in prayer. I had never seen anything like it. He just kept breaking the bread and dividing those little fish until all 5,000 men and those with them were fed and full. The leftovers filled twelve baskets.

They wanted to make Him king that very moment. Who could blame them. Just think, a king who can feed you and protect you without any help. No need for an army, farmers, markets, and the Romans would no longer rule us. But Jesus just walked away. He left the opportunity and the people behind. We found Him some distance away and that’s when He told us to get into the boat and get away from the crowd.

It seemed as though every time we got out on the water, a storm came up. The waves battered the boat and we struggled to keep it afloat. Exhausted and afraid, we came to realize just how serious the situation was. Suddenly, John cried out and pointed out on the water. In the distance, there appeared a figure coming towards us. Fear and panic  swept through the boat. Everyone was sure it was a ghost bringing to us our final destruction.

Then I heard that voice. A voice that always brought peace and hope telling us not to fear. I told the others it was the Lord and that we were saved but they couldn’t get over the fear that held them. And then, something came over me. I looked at those around me as they hid their faces in fear and hopelessness and I looked at the Lord walking on the water bringing to us peace and hope. I wanted to be with Him. I wanted to get away from the others.

The words just came out. I couldn’t stop them. I wanted to walk with Him. And to my amazement, He told me to come on. His eyes captivated me and filled me with the assurance that He was serious. As I stepped out of the boat onto the water, I could feel John’s hand grabbing my robe. Then, He smiled at me and extended His hand. The next thing I knew I was standing on the water. I should have been sinking. My mind told me that was the only thing I could do but yet, I was walking just like it was solid ground.

I grinned and laughed just like a child taking their first steps. He was smiling too. All of a sudden a wave jarred me and I took my eyes off of the Lord and my mind took over completely. I sank like a rock. Water filled my mouth and blinded my eyes. My life flashed across my mind as I sank to my death.

I felt a hand grab my robe and lift me up. The next thing I knew I was back in the boat, the wind was gone, and water was still. As I coughed and gagged, my eyes met His. He knelt beside me and whispered in my ear, ‘Your faith needs work, don’t ever let the waves make you doubt. But always remember that for a moment you were walking with Me on the water.’

For a brief moment, I did walk on the water. I experienced what He was doing. Yes, I sank, but I walked while the others stayed in the boat. It was an experience with the Lord that changed my life. He truly wanted me to know that if my eyes stay on Him, then I can walk right in the middle of the miraculous.”

Granted I may have taken a few liberties in an attempt to describe this miracle from Peter’s point of view but he walked and experienced something the others only watched. If you want to go from watcher to walker, it can be done. The Lord is calling you to Himself. You have to take the first step. He will not do that for you but once you take the first step and keep your life focused on Him, you will find yourself walking in the middle of the miraculous.

Stop hoping to see a miracle and start praying to be one. Whatever boat you are in so that you can stay afloat in the midst of a storm, start praying and watching. He will come walking on the water and He will call you out of the boat and onto the waves. He will enable you to walk but remember, the direction is always towards Him. And yes, you may take your eyes off of the Lord momentarily and begin to sink but rest assured His love is strong enough bring you back up. The miracle is Jesus and it begins in your life when you take that first step to Him.


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