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The One and Only, One and Only

By: Dr. Skip Myers
web posted February 6, 2006 columnist

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Your first reaction says a lot about your self-image. It is amazing how readily we focus on that one thing about ourselves we do not like. I’m too plump, too skinny, too bald, too short, too tall. My eyes are the wrong color; my ears are too big; my nose is too large; my mouth is too small. Standing there in front of you is one of the greatest miracles known to mankind and all we can see are the flaws.

We are unique. There isn’t another one like us anywhere in the world past, present, or in the future. Wouldn’t it be strange if God recycled “people models” every other generation or so. You would be walking down the street and someone who looked just like the pictures of your great grandfather would pass by. Or you would rush to hug your grandmother only to find it was someone who looked just like her but really wasn’t her.

The point I’m trying to make is that the God who creates does so in a truly unique manner. You are it. There will never be another model just like you. You are special, one of a kind, truly priceless. So stop looking in the mirror concentrating on all the faults and begin to celebrate the wonderful uniqueness that is you. Take what you are and put it to use doing something to make a difference in this world by bringing attention to the Lord in your life.

I bet you are thinking, “Wow, this preacher finally wrote a short article!” Well, guess again. No preacher can say what he really wants to say in that few sentences. Just be glad I’m trying to type instead of talking!

As unique as we are, I want to share with you a truth that can change your faith forever. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD! I know you know that but have you ever really thought about what that truly means? As wonderfully unique as we are, we are all a part of a greater group. I am a part of several greater groups; I am a man; I am a person; I am a believer.

God is not a part of a greater group. He is the One and Only; the only genuinely unique One there is. The implications of this is truly amazing. The greatest implication of this one fact effects the holiness of God. Holiness is more than merely setting God aside for religious purposes in our lives. God’s holiness (true uniqueness) gives Him a place that only He can occupy. We cannot lump Him in with a mass of other things that attempt to guide and direct us. By the very nature of His uniqueness, God deserves a place reserved solely for Him.

Where have you put God? There are times I limit Him to the crowded sidewalks of my life. Asking that He become just one of a number of other things seeking to direct my life. When in fact He deserves the throne! Why, because He is the only one who is truly the Only One! When I am struggling in my life it is usually because I have allowed something on the throne that is merely a cheap imitation of Him. It claims to be one of a kind but in reality it is not.  Take the different denominations for instance, they may have elements of the Lord or may be used to direct me to Him but they are not purely Him. So why allow something on the throne that cannot claim pure uniqueness and therefore, be completely holy?

Reserve the throne of your life for the One and Only. When we begin to see the Lord in this light, we stop settling for less than the genuine article. I came across a verse of scripture the other day that echoed this reality so well. It is found in Deuteronomy 10:17:

For the Lord your God is the God of gods, and the Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God who does not show partiality nor take a bribe.

The God of gods and the Lord of lords wants to be your God. Acknowledge His uniqueness and His holiness by allowing Him to occupy that unique place on the throne of your life. He won’t take this place of honor but will gladly occupy it if you will only give it to Him. He truly is an awesome God! I’ll see you in church Sunday and we’ll worship the One and Only together.

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