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Twelve Sure-Fire Ways to Wreck Our Faith

By: Dr. Skip Myers
Edgefielddaily.com columnist
Part 4 of 5

web posted February 18, 2008
COLUMNIST – We are examining some tried and true methods for wrecking our faith. We’re applying the term “wreck” to our faith with the same varying degree of destruction we would to any other aspect of life. No matter whether it is a minor fender-bender or something much worse, any wreck causes unneeded pain and stress. When applied to our relationship with the Lord we encounter the same variations with the same outcome—pain, stress, and messes we simply don’t need. The best way to avoid these wrecks is to guard against these twelve things from becoming a part of our way of life. And the best way to do this is to make sure that our faith is growing and getting the attention it needs.

#8: Desensitization:  I’ll illustrate this and let the illustration serve as the definition. Forty years ago Lucy and Desi couldn’t be seen on television show “I Love Lucy” sleeping in the same bed. Today, there are words being used in prime time television that would have given a movie an R-rating just a few years ago. How did this happen? A slow process of desensitizing us to what is sin has enabled sin to be more readily accepted. You get others used to something that is supposed to be distasteful by giving out small doses. This makes it easier to be accepted by those who are supposed to reject it.

At the same time it is being accepted, it is becoming a part of society. The change referred to above has taken almost fifty years to bring about. Now, if we oppose the standard we are seen as “old-fashioned fanatics.” It becomes a double-edged sword: accept the standard and you can easily reject those who oppose it. Get your definition of sin from society and your faith will be affected. Keep your standard the Word of God: it never goes out of style according to Romans 12:2.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

#9:  Defiance:  So far most of what we have examined carries with it an element of subtly. There has been very little that is blatantly confrontational. A defiant spirit can certainly wreck our faith and is more prominent in our lives than most of us will admit. We have all seen the little child who grits his teeth and is determined to touch what they have been told to leave alone. They know the consequences but no matter what they are going to do it their way.

We make the choice to rebel. The temptation is put before us and we jump right in the middle with both feet. At that moment, we could care less what the Lord, the church, the preacher, our family or friends think. Even though we are aware that consequences will follow, these are not enough to make us think twice. Our teeth are gritted and we plunge head-first into the deep end.

Defiance carries with it a more intense form of guilt. Not only have we sinned but we did so with a great amount of determination. If we are not careful we will allow this guilt to bring with it a long period of self-imposed distance from the Lord which leaves us to handle the consequences and life on our own. Admit your defiance and realize the Lord stands ready to forgive and walk with us through the consequences.

#10:  Delay:  There is a story that Satan had a meeting in hell to discuss ways to stop people from coming to the Lord. He rejected the suggestion to tell us there is no God because we can see God in every tree and hear His voice in every newborns cry. He rejected the suggestion to tell the world God doesn’t love us because all we have to do is look to the cross to see what His love was willing to do to reclaim us. There was only one suggestion that made him smile: tell them there is a God and tell them of His love but then tell them there is no hurry to accept His love. Most will wait one day too late.

Delay can not only wreck us for eternity by waiting too late to personally accept the love of Jesus but it can also wreck our faith daily. Delaying spiritual growth by missing opportunities to learn will hurt our faith. Delaying opportunities to mend relationships leaves unnecessary barriers in place.  We could go on and on. The fact remains that obedience is not a time-delayed aspect of faith. Don’t delay any longer—what you are missing could change your life forever!

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