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Shocking Encounters of the Electrical Kind

Skip-ology by: Rev. Skip Myers
EdgegfieldDaily.com Columnist

web posted February 26, 2007

Column – I was dropping my wife off at work the other morning and of course, I leaned in to get the traditionally expected “have a good day” kiss.  WOW! And what a kiss it was! It was shockingly electrified. Now, I would like to think that the shock we felt at that moment came from my electrifying personality but I know better. It was a dry winter’s day, cloth seats in the car, and a wool coat that caused the sparks to fly. But in my own mind I still like to think that I added something to the electrification of that moment.

We have all reached out to shake someone’s hand only to be met by a surprising shock. In school, we would intentionally rub our feet across the carpet and then touch someone’s ear just to see how high they would jump. (Oh, the simple pleasures we enjoyed as children.) The shock we feel is caused by static electricity.  I’m not exactly a Mr. Science so I went to the internet to find a simple explanation for this occurrence. And what I found was a wonderful spiritual illustration for life.

It seems as though in order for there to be a shock there first has to be a build up of electrons on one surface.  These extra electrons must then come in contact with a conductor. The exchange of electrons from one surface to another generates an electric change and we feel a shock if enough electrons are exchanged.  I realize every science teacher I ever had would be shaking their head in disappointment over this over-simplified explanation but work with me—I’m only a preacher.

Every shocking encounter has several elements in common. There has to be an over abundance of electrons, a conductor, and a point of contact.  Let’s apply this to who we are as believers in a world inundated with need. I truly believe the Lord desires for us to develop a faith that is electrifyingly impressive. The more we build our faith, the more “spiritual electrons” we have at our disposal. Building an electrifying faith isn’t as hard as you may think. It just takes time and directed energy. You can’t build your faith sitting at home on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, or Wednesday nights. Somewhere in this community during these times there is a church offering opportunities for you to add voltage to your faith. All you have to do is make yourself available to them and let the Lord add to your life.

Once the electrons begin to build, there needs to be a conductor. The conductor for your faith in this world is human need. And that is everywhere around us. The one missing element in this exchange is a point of contact. In order for the exchange to take place, there has to be contact—some type of touch; a recognition of the need before us. Human need is drawn to genuine faith. And faith in Christ is the only answer to human need.

So share the electricity of your faith. Be intentional about touching another life and spiritually shocking them by making an impression upon their need with your faith.  It can be as simple as offering an understanding ear and a word of hope in Christ.  Jesus was incredibly electrifying. People were drawn to Him and wanted to be touched by Him. And all the people were trying to touch Him, for power was coming from Him and healing them all.  (Luke 6:19) His example isn’t beyond what is expected of us. After all, He does live in us and His power can flow through us to heal human need. So go out and shock someone today. The electrifying encounter just might meet a need in both of your lives. I’ll see you for recharging this Sunday!


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