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Meaningless Money and Valuable Treasure

By: Dr. Skip Myers
web posted March 27, 2006
Edgefielddaily.com columnist

There it was just sitting there. I looked around to make sure no one else had seen it. Carefully, I reached under the seat and felt the rush of joy as my hand closed around it. For a six year old boy in 1965, twenty dollars seemed like a fortune. I raced to my dad and showed him what I had found under the chair in the drugstore. He shared my joy for only a moment and then informed me that we had to tell the owner we had found some money. If no one could identify the amount and the place they lost it after one week it would be all mine. Wait! You have to be joking!

No one claimed the money and it was mine to keep. A veritable fortune was mine to spend as I pleased after I put a part of it in my savings account. Even after all these years, I still remember the joy of finding my own personal treasure. That was a lot of money then, but now it seems as though money has lost all its value. Everyone has a million dollars to give away. Game shows give it away; reality television gives it away; shaving companies offer it if someone can kick a field goal or make a basket from half-court.

Money is something we all need but it just doesn’t seem like it has the value needed to treasure it. And besides, it’s here today and gone three hours later. So what is the difference between money and something worth treasuring? What do you have that you truly treasure? I would dare to say that most of what we treasure has very little to do with money. What would you grab in the event you had to evacuate your house in a moment’s notice? I asked that question to a group of people and most of them said that if all their family was safe, they would grab photo albums. In other words, they would secure something money could not replace.

Money would prove worthless in replacing such an item as this therefore its value goes way beyond a dollar figure. We tend to take those priceless possessions for granted. We just assume they will be there for our enjoyment. It’s not that we devalue them as much as it is we just get distracted from their value and the amazing joy we should gain from having them.

Apply this to your spiritual life. Have you ever stopped to realize just what you have? You have the ability to not only know God but have a personal relationship with Him. And through that relationship you gain understanding and guidance few will ever experience although it is available to all who will come to Him in faith. To see the world and your life through the eyes of God is truly a priceless possession. And yet, we tend to get distracted from its rare and priceless nature as we live our lives each day.

We are reminded in the Bible to guard though the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you. (2 Timothy 1:14) God has entrusted to us a treasure and we are to guard it due to its priceless nature. That treasure is the love relationship we have with Jesus. It is to be guarded not because it can be stolen from us but rather, there is a danger of our taking it so for granted that we devalue it before the rest of the world.

Just think, the Lord has entrusted to us the most valuable reality known to mankind. We don’t guard things if we take them for granted. We guard only that which we realize is priceless. Let me give you a few suggestions that will enable us all to guard this wonderful treasure against the onslaught of familiarity.

Guard it by putting it on display. That’s right, make it a public thing. Your faith is like any other rare and priceless item—it needs to be seen by others in order to be considered priceless. If it makes an impact on you and others then it grows in value. If you hide it how will anyone know it’s worth anything.

Guard it by letting it be attacked. If you display it, it will come under attack. Just remember if you use your faith effectively the attacks will be defeated and your faith’s value will increase. Faith worth having is faith worth displaying and displayed faith will be grown by the attacks because it will be what you use to defeat the attacks. Keep it before you and you will use it.

Guard it by making it yours. Possess your relationship with the Lord. He is yours and you are His. He will not let you go. You are kept by His power and not by yours. Make Him more than a part of your life—make Him your life. The more He has of you the more valuable He is to you because you will be unable to separate the two.

The truly valuable treasure is God. Let others see you make Him priceless and valuable in your life.

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