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A Total Waste of Time

By Rev. Skip Myers

EdgefieldDaily.com Columnist
web posted April 23, 2007

SKIP-OLOGY – (Every once in a while I have to preach, teach, or write something that serves as a reminder to myself. This article serves this purpose. So, if it sounds a bit harsh at times, remember it isn’t directed at you, it’s directed at me.)

I once read this, “When you kill time, you murder success.” I have learned that anything in life that is worth doing takes time and effort. Now, effort doesn’t necessarily mean unpleasant work. We all exert effort doing things we love—playing golf takes effort; practicing softball takes effort; losing weight and getting in shape takes effort. All of these are worthy endeavors but they all take time and effort. Let’s modify this just a bit. It takes dedicated, directed time and effort in order to accomplish something worthwhile.

If killing time becomes a way of life then we truly do sacrifice any success we may enjoy. We never know the joy of improving; of getting better; of reaching a level that separates us from the pack. So if accomplishing something worthwhile takes dedicated, directed time and effort, then what do we stand (or sit) to gain if we kill time? What comes easy to most of us? And how many of these easy things have become a staple in our daily attitudes and actions? What can we hope to gain in our lives by doing absolutely nothing?

We can hope to become increasingly negative. Why? Being negative takes no effort in a society that has so much wrong with it. Let your mind go and think without using God as a factor in your thoughts. They will soon become negative. You will begin to focus on something that is wrong with a situation or a person. A negative thinking person has a lazy mind.

We can hope to become increasingly critical. Being critical is the voice of a negative mind. Criticism is what comes out of the mouth of a negative person. It’s easy to be critical. All you have to do is remove the Lord as a filter to your mouth and there you have it—instant criticism. No one measures up and nothing is good enough and let me tell you why.

We can hope to become increasingly selfish. Selfishness is the central problem with mankind. We are naturally drawn inward because we want to be our own god. The world begins and ends with our wants and expectations. It takes no effort to consider self as the standard of life because we naturally look inward.

We can hope to become increasingly frustrated. What can we expect when self is the standard by which we judge everything else? Very few things in life live up to our expectations so if self is the standard then we are in for a lifetime of frustration. And if something does satisfy us, it eventually changes and we are left with nothing.

We can hope to become increasingly joyless. We have fewer and fewer good days and more and more bad ones. It takes no effort at all to have a bad day. And it takes little time to experience one. All the ingredients are waiting for you as you leave the house each morning. All you have to do is nothing and the bad day will come to you.

What a positively wonderful article! I know you feel better reading it. Actually you should because I do. Sometime in life we just get tired of trying. And when we do, the “worthless” things are all we can see.  Living in Christ and therefore, living above the basic nature of life takes dedicated time and directed effort. Give your faith relationship with the Lord some focused time and effort. If you do, negativity gives way to seeking God; criticism gives way to belief in what God is doing in others; selfishness gives way to the joy of living outside yourself; frustration gives way to a renewed belief in the joy of life; joylessness gives way to seeing a purpose greater than yourself in each and every day.  It’s all a matter of what we set before our eyes.

I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not fasten its grip on me.  Psalm 101:3


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