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Words Are Words - God is Still God

By: Rev. Skip Myers
EdgefieldDaily.com Columnist

web posted July 25, 2007
COLUMN – It has finally happened. I am beginning to show my age and I don’t like it. Age can be a great excuse for certain things like our ever-expanding waistline or our ever-receding hairline. But, when you begin to fight against technological advance and use phrases like, “It used to be that we just picked up the phone and called someone,” it’s time to check your view of life. I just don’t get text messaging. I love cell phones and email but I just don’t get text messaging when you are holding a perfectly good working phone. There I said it and revealed that I am no longer 30, 35, uh, 40. You get the picture.

People tell me that text messaging allows a greater freedom in communication with others when the situation doesn’t allow for actual talking to occur. Have you noticed that with every technological advance our world becomes a tighter place? We have gotten to the point that we hang on every word that certain people say and place such value on what they are thinking. Celebrities’ political opinions have become as important as an athlete’s endorsement. And every word is documented and reported in such a way as to achieve maximum impact.

Words hurt; cause doubt; make us angry; spread truth; give opinion. But remember, it all comes down to this one simple reality—words are words but God is still God. I only know of one source of absolute truth and God is it. Everyone will find a source of authoritative truth in their lives. You will then take everything you know and learn and will filter it through this source. What comes out on the other side is your view on everything from world politics to faith. As you choose a filter, choose wisely. It will determine the impact your life will have upon this world and the impact this world will have upon you.

Every source of absolute truth calls for an element of faith from those who choose it as their filter. This includes science, evolutionary theory, and faith as well as those who claim to believe in nothing. Those who have chosen the Lord to be their source of absolute truth are called upon to have faith in the way He has chosen to communicate that truth. Jesus said in John 14:6 that I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. God chose to communicate the absolute truth regarding His love for us through Jesus. How we know this calls for us to place our faith in Him and to trust that His Word, the Bible, perfectly relates this truth.

I am not attempting to open a debate regarding what you feel about the Bible. I am simply reminding us not to get alarmed when we hear news reports or read statements that contradict our source of truth. If your source of absolute truth is Jesus Christ and your filter is the Word then live the truth; share the love; proclaim the word. One of the great things that happen when we filter through the Lord is that we live a much more peaceful life.

All of us have chosen a source of truth and a filter through which we will form our worldview. For me, I only know of one that has stood the test of time and remains able to do exactly what He said He would do—Jesus. I only know of one filter that has been so thoroughly examined and remains able to relate this truth perfectly—the Bible. Our world is flooded with tightly-knit lines of communication that bombard us with a variety of beliefs and opinions. In order to find true peace in such a world, take what you see and what you hear and filter it through your source of truth. Just make sure that your filter is true and your source perfect.


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