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Shamrock Run Top 25 Runners Released

web posted March 22, 2012

EDGEFIELD – The Top 25 runners of the Shamrock Run have been released. Robert Boland, 16, of Aiken County, won the race with a time of 13:31 followed by Strom Thurmond's Dustin Stewart, 17, with a time of 14:18, and 14-year-old Ed Williams one second later with a time of 14:19. A full listing of the top 25 runners can be found below, including 8-year-old Hudson Manley who finished 24th.

Listings by placement, time, age and sex are as follows:
1 Robert Boland, 13:31, 16, M (Winner)
2 Dustin Stewart, 14:18, 17, M, (top Edgefield County runner)
3 Ed Williams, 14:19, 14, M
4 Ben Mims, 14:24, M, 24
5 Participant not entered, 14:24
6 Hammond Manley, 14:25, M, 14
7 Lucky Bailey, 15:09, M, 14
8 Adam Rainsford, 15:17, M, 36
9 Britt Gossett, 15:47, M, 12
10 Kenneth Kaltz, 16:25, M, 14
11 John Ryans, 16:47, M, 62
12 Jeremy Pileggi, 16:49, M, 26
13 Abigail Hutchinson, 16:51, F, 14 (First Female)
14 Participant not entered, 16:52
15 Tim Turner, 16:54, M, 44
16 Rhett Jolly, 16:59, M, 9
17 Jimmy Bates, 17:01, M, 45
18 Jack Jolly, 17:22, M, 12
19 Corey Madison, 17:25, M, 20
20 Bobby Raines, 17:30, M, 29
21 Tucker Miller, 17:34, M, 37
22 Michelle Evans, 17:39, F, 30 (second place female)
23 Barbara Jolly, 17:51, F, 45 (third place female)
24 Hudson Manley, 18:32, M, 8
25 Bill Manley, 18:35, M, 46

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