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1% Sales Tax Committee Releases Final List

web posted March 26, 2014

EDGEFIELD The Edgefield County 1% Sales Tax Committee finalized their suggested list of projects to be included in a possible 1 cent sales tax if passed by voters in November. The tax, spearheaded by Edgefield County Council Dean Campbell last summer, has grown less popular with each list released during the process. The final list is very similar to the previous, with only minor modifications.

The list, if passed by the county council at their April 1 meeting, would then be placed on the ballot in the November General Elections for an up or down vote. The council could also choose to reject the list outright and disband the committee, reject the lists and send it back to be changed again, or instruct the committee to continue their work on the list with a target date of the 2016 elections.

The new list, below, is not much different than the previous list which polled with 78% opposed last month. In addition, there is at least one item listed that the county knows will not or cannot be constructed, but it is listed anyway. The item happens to be outside of Edgefield and Johnston, of course, and if it cannot be constructed then the tax for the project will not be collected. Meaning the percentage of the money that will go towards the towns' benefit will only increase. 

Under the current list, 72% of tax money spent would have direct economic impact to the Towns of Edgefield and Johnston and the Edgefield County Hospital.

You can compare the previous list to the one below here.

1% Sales Tax List
Build 5 new fire department substations                                    $700,000
(Hwy 191, Miller Crossroad, Walker Rd, Long Cane, and near Republican)

Construct Community Building at Bettis Park                           $500,000                      
Construct Veteran's Affairs Park (Edgefield)                              $100,000
Downtown Revitalization: Town of Edgefield                             $1,350,000
(Streetscape, Building renovations, rail trail, park upgrades)
Upgrades to Police Department                                                 $30,000
Upgrades to Recreation facilities                                               $530,000
Edgefield Hospital                                                                  $1,100,000
($400k ECH / $700k doctor's office in Merriwether)

Extend sidewalk on Lee St to IGA                                             $50,000
Johnston Armory Renovations                                                  $700,000
(community center/warming center)
Johnston Town Hall renovations / Fire Station                            $550,000

Sweetwater Community Center Upgrades                                 $140,000
County Share of Infrastructure Project                                       $400,000

Total                                                                                     $6,150,000

Total Funds to Edgefield, Johnston, Edgefield County Hospital  $4.41 million  (72%)
Total Funds to County                                                            $700,000
Total Funds to Bettis Academy                                               $500,000
Total Funds to Merriwether                                                      $540,000

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