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Peace comes through victory, not surrender

web posted January 8, 2007

OPINION – With many politicians calling for withdrawal from Iraq it is obvious that they have learned nothing from the past. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Maybe that is what they intend, surrender and cause havoc for the country we leave before completing the mission; to win the war. Saying that the United States has been in Iraq for too long should look at our presence in other parts of the world.

We have had troops in Germany and Japan since the 1940’s, South Korea since the 1950’s, and Viet Nam since the 1960’s. Why is it that being in Iraq for three years “too long” but 40, 50, and 60 years in other parts of the world acceptable?

Another specious claim is the death toll of military personnel in Iraq is unacceptable. Though any death of an American service member is unwanted, that is what war is about. People die, including innocent people sometimes.

More people died in one day in several battles during World War 2 than have died in the entire war in Iraq. More servicemen lost their lives, three times as many actually, in a training exercise for D-day. Furthermore, more Americans have died in the US at the hands of illegal aliens than died in Iraq at the hands of terrorists. In fact, statistics show you have a better chance of being murdered in Washington D.C. than being killed in Iraq but we do not hear the cries of politicians wanting to “pull out” of Washington.

The “peace at any cost” crowd seems to ignore the reality that peace comes through victory. They claim Iraq was more “peaceful” before the US deposed Saddam Hussein. That is true if you consider mass murders, rape rooms, and beheading innocent people “peaceful”.

There have been mistakes made in the war in Iraq, but no war has been perfect and without mistakes. The biggest mistake the United States could make in Iraq is to leave. More troops are needed to decimate the Islamic terrorists who have vowed to kill Americans anywhere they are found, including on our own soil as they did on 9-11.

One thing America has learned, and politicians have never learned, is wars are won by generals running the war, not politicians. Every war fought with politicians calling the shots has led to failure and violent death for innocent people left behind.

America cannot make that mistake again, ever. If it takes a decade to defeat the Islamic terrorist then so be it.


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