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America is in dire need of a leader in Presidential race

web posted February 12, 2007

OPINION – The Republican nominee for President in 2008 will be decided in the South Carolina primaries and the Democrats will be paying attention as well. Republicans historically stick with the early front-runner and that makes the South Carolina primaries the most important to them. No candidate can win the election without winning the south and the south generally votes conservative. The scary part is no true conservative is running under any party label and with all the current contenders it seems to be a vote for the lesser of evils. That is never a good thing.

On the Democrat side the front-runners are Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Neither will be able to pull more than 40 to 45% of the voting public’s confidence and neither would be able to capture the south in order to secure a win.

Obama’s problem is not racial but rather experience, or lack of it being in elected office only two years. He is also too far to the left for most southerners including his calls to pull out of Iraq with the broadest support of the war coming from the south. Though his enamored following of the national media will push his polling numbers he is a sure loser for the Democrats. Look for the Democrats to place him as a vice-presidential candidate on the ticket.

Then there is Hillary Clinton who, for all likely reasons including the Democrat Party being controlled by the Clintons, will get the nomination. She is also a no win candidate in spite of the media fawning. Clinton’s campaign speeches, when she is trying to sound passionate, resonate like the scraping of fingernails on a chalkboard. Her professors labeled her a Marxist for her dissertations and she has done everything to prove them right over the years. In addition, there are no “undecided or moderate voters” when it comes to Hillary Clinton. She is polarizing and people either hate her or love her which is not a good thing in an election. The only way Hillary Clinton could run as a conservative candidate is on the Communist Party ticket, even then she would be considered a “moderate”.

The Republican side of the isle is not looking any better with the early front-runners being Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Neither are fiscal conservatives, which is what drove the Republicans from power in the last election, nor do either register on the right side of the liberal/conservative line. Giuliani supports gun control, abortion, and big government. Though he does support a strong border defense it will not be enough to capture the hearts and minds of southerners.

John McCain, co-author of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law, which hinders protected political free speech, is just to the right of Hillary Clinton politically. He, like the Clintons, will say he believes whatever the people in front of him at the time want to hear, then vote as a liberal. He had his shot once and lost. McCain’s odds of winning drops each time he runs. 

Can either party produce a candidate people want to vote for rather than choosing the lesser of two evils? It is possible, though unlikely.

The Democrats could find an “old school” Democrat such as Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman. Someone not afraid to stand up and be counted as doing what his core values leads him to do. In fact, finding a Democrat that has core values is a rare thing in itself.

The Republican side of the isle seems to have lost its core beliefs as well and it will take a strong fiscal conservative to regain the trust of party’s base. Among them would be Newt Gingrich and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Both seem more like the ever-popular President Reagan in that they are not afraid to wield the “big stick” and do not believe in “walking softly” while doing it.

America needs a leader and there are none stepping forward worthy of that title. A sad reality in a time of war. Let us hope that changes over the next six months.

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