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Put Parents in Charge Act
Editorial Staff
Web Posted March 15, 2005

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s “Put Parents in Charge” Act is causing knee-jerk, and sometimes humorous, responses from all sides. We have seen the Governor, a Republican, support his initiative.  We have the responses from State Superintendent of Education, Inez Tenenbaum, a Democrat in tow. We even have the fringe Libertarian input. All claim they want to support parents being in charge.

The question we ask is, why aren’t parent’s already in charge and how does passing an “act” grant a right already possessed by the parent in the fist place? Where does our Founding Documents place the “giver of rights”? It wasn’t government.

We have a better idea. Let’s pass the “Get Government out of Education” Act.

First of all, understand that over half of the money collected in taxes statewide, and more so nationally, for education never goes to the education of the children. It enriches those who sit in bureaucratic positions with inflated salaries, and or power, and profess the “it’s all about the children” mantra while figuring more ways to inflate the budget.

Please, we may have been educated in government schools, but our education in reality has unclouded our minds to government showing up and claiming, “we are here to help.”

We feel it is time for a bit of “tough love” when dealing with education.

Stop taxing Americans and South Carolinians for education at a state and federal level. Disband the Federal and State Department of Education entirely. (We’re sure these highly qualified individuals will find no problem finding employment in the private sector.) With the money being in the hands of parents locally, not government, that is the true “Put Parents in Charge” Act. We just don’t understand how putting government in control of your own money is putting you in charge.

We believe the old adage goes, “he who has the gold makes the rules,” applies.

Granted, some may say our position is that of the Libertarians.

Perhaps, however with the fringe elements in control of the Libertarians mimicking the advancement of “screaming” Doctor Dean of the Democratic variety, and the Republicans subrogating their responsibility - not to mention platform - of smaller government and lower taxes, where does one turn?

Where America, and most notably South Carolinians, have turned in the past, to themselves.

Quite honestly we feel the people of South Carolina are more than capable of providing for their children and their education. The money used in these bureaucratic shell games comes from parents. Leave it with them and let the free enterprise system work.

While we are at it, passing the “All Government Left Behind” Act should be the next federal mandate by the people.

Just think how the educational operations would go if we really did put “parents in charge” and remove government.

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