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April 12, 2005

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Should CSRA women be sent to find Osama bin Laden?

web posted April 12, 2005
Editorial Staff

Recently three CSRA women have been credited with capturing three of the most wanted felons in recent history the quickest.

On March 7, 2005 John Evander Couey, a registered sex offender from Citrus County, Florida was captured in Augusta and later admitted to the rape and tortured death of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford from Homosassa, Florida. She went missing on February 23, 2005 while living across the street from Couey in the weeks prior to her disappearance.

An alert female worker at the Augusta Georgia Salvation Army shelter alerted police of his presence and he was apprehended. He is in jail in Florida awaiting trial.

Then on March 11, as the world watched, Brian Nichols shot a guard on camera then proceeded to shoot and kill Fulton County Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes and a court reporter Julie Ann Brandau, 46; and is also accused in the deaths of Fulton County sheriff's Deputy Hoyt Teasley, 43; and federal agent David Wilhelm, 40 before he took Augusta native Ashley Smith hostage.

Smith coaxed Nichols to let her go after seven hours in captivity by reading him passages of the religious based best seller "The Purpose-Driven Life" and then called police who arrested Nichols. Nichols too is now in jail awaiting trial in Atlanta.

Today, April 12, in Augusta another female was serendipitously given credit for the capture of Stephen Christopher Stanko. A female he had met just a day or two before at an Augusta nightspot alerted officials of his whereabouts. Reportedly she is an employee at a local nature reserve.

He is presently in custody at the Richmond County Law Enforcement Center awaiting extradition to South Carolina for the alleged strangulation death of his supposed girlfriend librarian Laura Ling, 43 and the shooting death of Henry Lee Turner, 74, who was found shot to death in his home Saturday. Turner is said to be Ling’s father. Stanko is also wanted in the rape of a Horry County teen.

Though we fully support President Bush in the war on terrorism, maybe he should pull the Marines out of Afghanistan and replace them with an underpaid waitress and ticked off crime victim, a "PR" liaison, and a Salvation Army worker all from the CSRA in order to find Osama bin Laden. They seem to have a proven record of finding those most wanted in a matter of days.

You go girls!

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