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“Tax day” for some is “Christmas in the summer” for others

web posted April 15, 2010
EDITORIAL – Today is “Tax Day” for at least for half of the country, the other half is sitting back with no tax liability or are waiting on their “refund” of taxes they never paid. According to a recent study by the Tax Policy Center, a Washington research organization, 47% of those filing tax returns have no tax liability or will receive a refund though they paid no income taxes at all. 

Through credits for low and middle income families - a family of four making as much as $50,000 - will owe no federal income tax for 2009. The top 10% of earners, households making an average of $366,400, pay about 73% of the income taxes collected by the federal government.

So much for everyone “paying their fair share”, as liberals like to shout while demonizing those who produce wealth, jobs, and the money used to fund the ever expanding federal government.

Obama and the Democrats have tripled spending and the deficit, devalued the Dollar, and have already imposed additional taxes on the American people through the tax plan crafty named as “healthcare reform”.

They are currently working on additional tax increases deceitfully named “Cap and Trade”, which will increase the cost of energy, a “jobs bill” which is just more pork spending that will result in increased costs to providers passed on to the American people, and the Value Added Tax (VAT) also cloaked as being a tax on businesses.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the “Stimulus Bill” which saddled the taxpayers with an additional $1 trillion in debt.

Anyone with a brain larger than a pea knows businesses and corporations do not pay taxes, those costs are passed on to you, the consumer in a hidden tax in the bill you pay for goods or services.

So as you write that check to the IRS today, or file to get a small portion of the taxes you overpaid back, just remember those who are sitting by the mailbox waiting on their “government check” to come in the mail. A check that you are writing.

Remember that these same people also vote, and they vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The same Democrats who want you to pay your “fair share” so they can send your money to people who will vote for them.

Federal elections should be held on April 16 rather than the first Tuesday in November. Maybe then people who pay taxes would vote differently before they have time to forget the anger they had when they paid their taxes.

Have a happy tax day.

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