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Mr. President; Secure our borders

web posted May 1, 2006

OPINION – President Bush, like those who came before him, refuse to address the vital national security issue of securing our borders. The President is not alone, Democrats, and now some Republicans, are blocking the enforcement of the Constitution they swore to protect.

Some on the left claim calling those who enter the county illegally, take jobs illegally, send money back to Mexico illegally, to provide for more illegals to come to the United States illegally, as “illegal aliens” is “racist.

Racist? We wonder when a dictionary definition became racist.

Illegal alien:   An illegal alien is a foreign national who resides in another country unlawfully, either by entering that country at a place other than a designated port-of-entry or as result of the expiration of a non-immigrant visa.

With millions pouring over the border every year many claim responding to the issue is useless. We suggest you take the issue on a more personal level.

Imagine the same percentage of illegal aliens entering your home each year and taking up residence. With some 40 million in the country that works out to one illegal alien entering your home. The liberal media would say they should be considered “undocumented family” and you cannot have them removed.

Your home, much like the federal government, operates on a budget for those within your family. Now, however, you are forced to take in another family member who is working, but does not contribute to the “family economy”. Their funds are sent to their families in another country. Of course, they expect, and must be granted, the same benefits your own family members get by being a true member of the family unit.

Government is just a larger extension of the family.

Imagine calling your local police to have a stranger removed and have them tell you the stranger is just “undocumented family”.

Contact your elected leaders and inform them of your position on illegal aliens entering our country and obtaining benefits. Remember also, if just one tenth of one percent of the illegal aliens entering our country are terrorist, over 3,000 are already in the country and another 150 enter each month.

That should make anyone uncomfortable.

Our President and our Congress have a duty to defend this nation and its borders. It is time the citizens demand such.

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