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May 6, 2005

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What happens when everyone is correct in their position?

web posted May 6, 2005

That is a question we are dealing with in regard to the intersection of Bettis Academy Road and Highway 25. Everyone agrees there is a problem. Everyone disagrees on what should be done.

The state says they have corrected the problem for the time being with the addition of turning lanes. Saundra Curry disagrees. The county sees both sides but is powerless to do anything.

So where does that bring everyone? Nowhere, each party at present seems to be locked in a position of saying each is right. But they are all right. The state is lacking funding, the county is in worse shape when it comes to roads, and Curry is correct to be concerned for the children, and others, who make the daily gamble to enter the roadway.

The state has plans to expand the multilane highway beyond its present location continuing to the Pinehouse Crossroads. This is a step in the right direction. However, that plan is five to eight years from completion.

Perhaps all could be pacified if a little common sense was applied and a little extra effort on the part of all parties to see it through. The state could lower the speed limit through the Bettis/Highway 25 intersection and have the SC Highway Patrol strictly enforce that limit. It wouldn’t take long for the message to reach out to the thousands of truckers that pass through the area to slow down via their CB radios.

The county could also supply additional traffic control with its radar patrol car to back up the SCHP. Not to mention the added revenue violators would contribute through fines.

Slowing the speed of large trucks, which constitute a large portion of the traffic on Highway 25 and parties in accidents in the area, to a safe speed would allow for safer entering and exiting from the highway. Saundra Curry would happily accept that as an alternative to a traffic light and the county isn’t out any additional expense. In reality, the county would receive more revenue via fines issued by the Sheriff’s Department.

A win-win-win for all

Whether all departments and representative bodies can come together to reach such an amicable solution is anyone’s guess. They all need to put aside their differences and work together for a common good. However, that is something bureaucracies are not famous for; logic and common sense are historically not strong suits for government bureaucracies’ intent on aggrandizing their own importance.

We feel this is a solution everyone could live with, quite literally.

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