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May 7, 2005

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A problem in believing Solicitor Donnie Myers

web posted May 7, 2005

Solicitor Donnie Myers’ words not adding up

According to reports concerning the arrest of Solicitor Donnie Myers he has made several statements that just are not adding up some say.

Statements Myers made to The State are he left the conference at 9pm and arrived back at his hotel room by 10pm on the night of April 29, 2005. Myers said he had been at the conference before hand and did not remember what he had to drink, or even how much. That is troubling enough. Not remembering what or how much one has consumed in alcoholic beverages is evidence of those heavily inebriated.

However, statements he gave explaining his 2am jaunt to an Ashville NC Waffle House he never found also bring a bit of skepticism. Myers stated he went out to fetch solid food for his wife, Vance, who was suffering an attack of Chron’s disease and was in “excruciating pain,” he told The State. “I had one option,” Myers said. “I could let her stay in horrible pain, or I could choose to get her something to eat, and I chose to get her something to eat.”

To the average person that may sound like a plausible excuse, as if there is one for driving while extremely intoxicated. However we have asked many who suffer from the disease and searched medical websites on the matter and the last thing a person suffering from an acute attack of Chron’s disease would want, or need, is solid food. The acute pains are from inflammation of the digestive tract, a constriction.

How inebriated was Myers on his drive back to the hotel if, by his own words, he quit drinking at 9pm, slept for four hours, and almost an hour later still registered a .14, almost twice the legal limit, on a Buncombe County, N.C., Sheriff’s Department Breathalyzer machine? If Myers quit drinking at 9pm, and the per hour drop of blood alcohol content (BAC) is accepted at .01 per hour, he was driving back to the hotel with a BAC around .18 or .19.

Of course, there is that mysterious open can of Budweiser beer, 1/3 full, cold, and condensation on the can Myers said he has no idea where it came from or who put it on the floorboard of his official county owned Lincoln Town Car. Who would have been in, or had access to, this government vehicle? And how could one not know, or even notice, an obvious open container on the front seat floor? What a driver he must be, all that driving and never spilling the beer. Shouldn’t Myers, who prosecutes hundreds of DUI cases in SC, know that allowing or having an open container while driving is a violation of the law?

Furthermore, Solicitor Myers claims he was attempting to stop the officers who pulled him for the DWI to ask directions to a Waffle House. “If I thought I was impaired, I damn sure wouldn’t have thought to stop and pull over and talk to a police officer,” he is quoted as saying by The State.

We believe we’ve heard that one before on the popular syndicated morning drive time radio show John Boy and Billy’s “Dumb crook news”.

Looking deeper into other statements Myers has offered up they bring more questions than explanations. When his county car was impounded and he was placed under arrest he said he called a, “good friend of mine,” afterwards to take him back to his hotel. He refuses to identify this “good friend”. A mystery person, how dramatic.

And what about his poor wife who is suffering dire excruciating pain while all this is going on?

We just find the whole story, well, quite unbelievable.

A mystery friend, the mystery beer, the mystery as to how someone who can’t remember what or how much they drank and quit drinking at 9pm and went to bed for four hours could blow a .14, almost twice the legal limit, at 2:46am, the implausible claim of needing food for a cure to a disease that food aggravates the symptoms, and of course the claim he was actually looking for police at the time of his arrest all just go too far. Not to mention he says he did not report the arrest to officials in SC because, he said, “It was none of their business”.

A county car, at a tax payer paid trip for official business, arrested for DWI, and it’s nobody’s business. And this is who Edgefield County looks to for enforcement of the law? I guess to Myers, at least, it depends on who you are as to if policy and law apply.

Not very fitting for a man who’s job is to compel others to tell the “truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Of course Myers is presently attending another conference in Las Vegas, a safe place for him to be at this time with the Las Vegas advertised promise of “What happens here stays here.”

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