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May 11, 2005

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Child killers and public executions

web posted May 11, 2005

As the media focuses on the latest missing children turning up dead in Zion, Illinois we have to wonder if there are more evil people killing our young or is the media just inundating the masses with 24/7 coverage of any missing child. Whatever the case may be, what concerns us most is our children are being murdered.

The murder of a defenseless innocent child is a crime that should rock humanity to its core.

Edgefield County Sheriff Adell Dobey has wisely added our county to A Child Is Missing’s reversed 9-1-1 type notification system to locate the missing. That is great, but it doesn’t address the issue of what to do after the fact of such horrific crimes against children and those who commit them.

Assuredly most of these killers get the death penalty, and some twenty odd years later that might actually take place. We think this is part of the problem.

Capital cases should be “fast tracked” after a conviction to speed up the appeals process and most could be wrapped up in a year. The execution should be soon following.

In the early years of our nation capital crimes were punished in public. It was an effective means of instituting a firm image in the minds of the public that you were accountable for your actions, and it worked. Not until the last several decades did the courts and Congress institute emotions into the process of law, which should favor no one emotionally but be objective and based on fact, did we see the constant rise in crime.

Perhaps those guilty of such crimes on our children should be returned to the public executions. These crimes are not just crimes against the victim and their family; it is a crime against every single parent and citizen everywhere. Yes, even here in Edgefield County. We witnessed the actions of a few local residents who were watching a public TV when the news broke about the two missing Zion, Illinois 8 year old girls found murdered.

“They should hang people like that in the town square,” said one. “They should let the parents take care of it,” another said. “I just can’t believe there are people like that out there,” said a woman.

Yes, those are emotional views that come from the mind and heart upon gaining the knowledge that such an evil, viciously heinous and unthinkable crime has been imposed on innocent children. But some instincts are right. That is why we have them in the first place, to guide us in dealing with dangerous situations. When we sense danger we react instinctively be it ducking when we heard a loud noise while covering our heads, a protective natural reaction, to pulling our hand away from a heat source.

Dealing with someone who would commit such atrocities on children perhaps should be just such a dangerous instinctive reaction.

We are not advocating mob action from the public, far from it. Let the justice system work and let the justice system deal with these killers once and for all. Quickly and publicly.

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