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May 16, 2005

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Controlling Illegal aliens with trespassing charges 

web posted May 16, 2005

With the reported 10 to 20 million illegal aliens who have entered the United States local law enforcement is not getting the proper support from federal officials when illegal aliens are caught committing misdemeanor criminal acts, mostly driving offences like no drivers license and insurance.

In this day of “heightened security” issues being the forefront of the invasion of civil rights of law abiding citizens, one has to wonder why more attention is not paid to those who are actually committing a crime by virtue of being in the US and arrested for committing crimes while here, many in Edgefield County.

A group of citizens calling themselves the Minuteman Project began patrolling the Arizona border with Mexico and the crossings of illegals came to a halt. Now that the group has moved on to other locations reports are federal officials have told border agents to “stand down” in arrests so not to show the citizen efforts were successful.

Media reports refer to these illegal aliens, otherwise known as criminals, as “immigrants” or “undocumented workers”. And the mainstream media wonders why their numbers of readership or viewership has dropped to its lowest in history.

However, some New Hampshire law enforcement agencies have found another tool to force federal officials to stand up and take notice, the simple and so logical charge of Criminal Trespassing.

Following the lead of the New Hampshire New Ipswich police chief, Hudson police charged two men with criminal trespassing because they are in the United States illegally.

Chief Gendron said, "local, state and federal (authorities) have to work together to identify illegal aliens in the country. The answer is not to allow them (illegal immigrants) to go free in the country . . . When they cross over into this country illegally, they committed a crime," said Gendron. "It starts right at the local police, at identifying them and taking action," Gendron said. "Now, how the courts are going to receive this, as quoted in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

With the rash of such suspected illegal aliens arrested in Edgefield County, perhaps it is time our local law enforcement agencies adopt a similar tactic. If the federal government is not interested in confronting the issue, our basic right to self protection is to have our local agencies force the hand of the feds to face the fact the illegals are being arrested and returned to the streets to encourage others to subvert and breech our borders.

Either the federal government is serious in “homeland security” or it isn’t.

We think it is time Edgefield County law enforcement agencies force the issue as well. If they knowingly arrest those who cannot prove they are in this country legally, charges should be filed. We have heard the argument of how much it would cost to house the many illegals in the area by police. That is not rational thought. Should we release drug dealers, sexual predators or killers if we have too many to save tax dollars?

Certainly not.

Neglecting to enforce the law by law enforcement is a crime. It’s high time we hold those employed and elected to just that in Edgefield County accountable.

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