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May 21, 2005

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Why does the national media hate America?
web posted May 21, 2005

Seeing the constant barrage of reports in the national media which is obviously slanted to embarrass or diminish the United States of America at home and abroad, one has to ask, why does the national media hate America?

For the last five years the hatred of conservatism in the media is no longer just rumored to taint the “news”, it is proven fact. Beyond documented studies the American people when polled also admit the media is biased to the left, the far left.

In 2000 it began with the election of George W. Bush as president. For four years the media published “selected not elected” stories and the Democrat leadership puppeted the mantra. In spite of all the media attacks, and the promotion of a Viet Nam war protester turned Senator (Sen Kerry served in Viet Nam for a couple months in case you didn’t know) as president George Bush was re-elected.

The media, as well as the National Democratic Party, stood in stunned disbelief as Republicans also took larger majorities in Congress. What is wrong with the people in this country? Don’t they watch TV?

Quiet honestly, yes, they do. And they are a lot smarter than the elites in the media give them credit for. With the addition of FOX News America flocked to an outlet that did not try to influence the news but just report it. The “Big Three” broadcast stations have been hemorrhaging viewers ever since. 

Of course the debacle of faked documents used as a special report by CBS and Dan Rather, a move that would have been the end for any credible journalist just ten years ago, to embarrass a sitting president during an election year as an “October surprise” proven to be involving the Kerry campaign was just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically ever since the media, who has stated that America “got it wrong” by electing President Bush (not once but twice), has been bent on proving how stupid, ignorant, intolerant, hateful, mean, unworthy the American people are, save the media and the National Democratic Party.

Then came that little thing in a prison in Abu Ghraib, it is to this day still daily fodder for the media. Some ruthless terrorists were “embarrassed” and America must pay! Did some soldiers get out of line? Sure they did. But the whole thing was not worthy of the attention it was getting. However it played well to cover other matters like Bill Clinton’s right hand man Sandy Burger stealing, and even destroying, classified notes and documents from being news. As far as the actions of the military guards goes, there are worse things that could happen to terrorists than being inducted into a fraternity, sorry, being abused.

Of course, Newsweek couldn’t help but jump in and help foster hate against America with its bogus story of “Koran abuse” at Gitmo. (A media who supports a so-called artwork called "Piss Christ", a crucifix in a jar of urine as proper mind you.) A story that leads to the known response in the peaceful Middle East such a story would bring. Officials in the Defense Department say the protests and violence was planned. Planned? With and by whom? Newsweek shirks responsibility of the 15 deaths and hundreds injured and the media brotherhood circles its wagons to shore up one of its own. Just as they did when CNN admitted they knew of the murders and rapes committed daily by Saddam Hussein and didn’t say anything so they could stay in good with the modern-day Hitler.

Of course, if that isn’t enough, the irresponsible leftists in control of the national media went to extreme measures to fan a fire they created with lies and printed photos of Hussein in his underwear. An insult to Muslims and just in the nick of time to distract attention away from other media brotherhoods caught faking news. Creating even more protests and violence against America is just gravy.

Viewers are leaving the network news shows in droves. Readership of print media is dropping just as fast. The advent of the web and independent outlets for news has brought about a real freedom of the press and the press hates it. No longer can the media control what is “out for public consumption” and is discredited more often than supported by bloggers. The National Democratic Party is suffering the same fate due to the undeniable relationship they shared with the media as an arm of the party.

But why do they all hate America? One simple answer, if America is not wrong they can’t be responsible for fixing it and doing so would be an end to what the media considers news and the National Democratic Party considers campaign issues. An end to the self perpetuating cycle of promotion of the lefts agenda has begun.

Of course, the media will obstruct the people just as the National Democratic Party does in the Halls of Congress, but they will attack what they feel defeated their candidate in America and that is Christ. Already we see ABC running stories on the “news” about Jesus Christ not really being raised from the dead. And of course we had to have the full hour of Dateline trying to discredit the fact Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, with lots of “experts” of course. Those claiming the resurrection bogus outnumbering the Faithful was standard operating practice.

Not only is President Bush stupid, our military a bunch of murderous thugs, but those stupid Christians keep screwing up things in their America. Which pleases those Islamic nutjobs who hate America and Christians, and feeds off the leftist media reports of how correct the terrorist's are.

When will the media get smart enough to match ratings of the networks and election figures of National Democratic Party and see they both follow the exact same path of dismissal by the American public they both exploit in the same time frame?

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