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June 1, 2005

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A stark reality

web posted June 1, 2005

As the month of May comes to a close so will the attention regarding the celebrations and remembrances held on the anniversary of the end of World War II as President Bush flew to Europe and attended many events in many different countries and we remembered the memory of the tens of millions of Jews who were exterminated in Hitler’s concentration camps.

Doing this, many say, helps keep the memory alive so such a tyrant cannot wreak the havoc on the world in the way Hitler did by the mass killing of men, women, and children.

Imagine, a young woman giving birth and screaming for help and not a soul standing nearby will help, in fact, they are the very ones who want to see the baby die at their hands. No one can really grasp the minds Hitler and his henchmen must have had to take delight and pleasure in seeing the death of a small child. What a brutal image of that young mother begging for help grasping her just born child as it dies in her hands with others just standing there watching just wanting to take the trash the mother is holding to be buried with garbage.

Hard as that mental image is to comprehend it is a reality, however this reality is not from 1940 Germany.

It is April 2, and it is Orange County Florida, and many other cities around the country. It’s called abortion, or since that even is too close for the truth to abortion mills, “Choice”. This is the reality of a 34 year old woman who went to seek an abortion and had the baby born alive while “healthcare providers” were prepping her for the abortion. The “tissue”, as they referred to the baby as, was to be put into a biohazard bag and discarded.

It is not just an isolated event either.

Across the country women came forward to tell Congress about “born alive” abortions and the heartless and cold treatment the babies suffered and most were forced, or “allowed” to die by withholding treatment. Congress passed legislation to protect those newborn children from certain death with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

But even this step in the right direction leaves out the majority of those killed by the practice. Since the Supreme Court made abortion legal the number of children who have died has eclipsed those killed by Hitler and is nearing 40 million. Soon it will be more than all people during the entire world war killed, prisoners, civilians, and soldiers combined.

Until people, the media, and politicians remove the rose colored glasses of political correctness and deal with the fact every single abortion ends the life of a person, ending the practice will be slow in coming.

As America watches the showdown in the US Senate over President Bush’s judicial nominations one can just imagine the battle if it were two nominations to the Supreme Court which could undo abortion.

All this over whether or not we should sit idly bye as the young mother screams for help as her baby dies. How one sits on the side of mass extermination is bewildering. How fervently they defend that position so despicably is more unconscionable.

We just observed Memorial Day, a day in which we honor those men and women who so selflessly gave their lives so the rest would remain free and able to enjoy the American way of life. But little if any attention is given to the tens of millions who have given their lives in the defenselessness of this country, aborted children.    

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