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June 7, 2005

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Koran "Abuse"?
web posted June 7, 2005

What is all the fuss by the media over “Koran abuse”?

For some reason the media just can’t get enough of it. Newsweek prints a false story about it to get the ball rolling with riots in Afghanistan which killed scores and the rest of the media covers their collective rears by “reporting” on more “accusations” which are always found to be just as baseless.

The media is so worried that America is being seen as hateful in the Middle East and other Muslim countries and peppers the Bush administration with questions about what the President is doing to “correct the alleged abuse”. Our military is going through “sensitivity training” on how to handle the Koran. The Democratic leadership is up in arms over the “mishandling” and the horrid reports, baseless as they are, by the Bush Administration. Something must be done to “respect the holy Koran,” they say.

Excuse us, but are these not the same people who justify, and in many cases encourage and advance, the total desecration of Christian symbols and the Bible and how government cannot be advocating, suggesting, protecting, or anything remotely “religious”?

These are the same people who support a teacher being fired in a New Jersey middle school because she had a picture of President Bush in a display of America on a bulletin board because, “he killed people,” as the reported complaints were.

These are the same people who support workers not being able to invite co-workers to church services because that is illegal, separation of “church and state” you know. So far a separation that the Bible was removed from an advanced summer reading list for high school students because the school system could not promote “religion”, however required courses in the Koran are not only allowed, but encouraged, where students “learn to respect” the religion by taking on Muslim names and saying prayers to Allah so they can understand how not to discriminate against them.

These are the same people who support “art” in the form of a Crucifix of Christ being held upside down in a jar of urine, a portrait of the Mother Mary smeared with cow feces, or Black Hawk College sociology teacher, Bruce LeBlanc, who displayed “(the F word) God” across the entire chalkboard in his class as a First Amendment Right.

But stand on top of a copy of the Koran and all hell breaks loose.

God forbid the ACLU take a similar stand against the government on Biblical abuses. In fact, the ACLU sues the State of New Orleans because the state's web site promoting premarital sexual abstinence violates the Constitution because abstinence is religious.

Just where does the nation media get off being so upset over so-called Koran abuses when they promote burning the American flag, the Bible, defiling a Crucifix, and all the while screaming First Amendment Rights and “separation of church and state”, a quote that is not found in the US Constitution but is found in the Communist Manifesto.

Koran abuse? When the national media and the Democratic Leadership find even a sibilance of the same righteous indignation of the Christian abuse of the free Americans as they have for the Muslim terrorists who are in prison for killing, or trying to kill, Americans we will revisit our position.

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