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June 7, 2005

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Duplicity in action

web posted June 7, 2005

A 17 year old teenage girl gets pregnant and decides she does not what the babies. Rather than seek an abortion she tries repeatedly to kill her own children by jogging, hitting herself in the stomach, and other ways she feels will cause her to miscarriage the unborn children she is carrying.

Sad as that is, she felt as though her attempts were not successful and elicits the help of her 19 year old boy friend who also admits to “stepping on the stomach” of the young woman in the weeks before her miscarriage.

The babies are born dead. The boyfriend is charged, and convicted of a double murder, and gets life in prison and the young girl cannot be charged because she has a “Constitutional right to an abortion”.

Read that again.

Gerardo Flores, 19, received an automatic life sentence for the murders even though the mother, Erica Basoria, 17, acknowledged asking Flores to help kill the unborn children; but she could not be prosecuted because of her, “legal right to abortion”. In addition no evidence was presented which concluded Flores was the one who killed the babies.

Flores was prosecuted under the state's 2003 fetus protection law which says only, “healthcare providers,” are allowed to end a pregnancy. The Texas law allows criminal prosecution for a preventable injury or death of a fetus.

The assigning of rights never found in our Founding Documents has crossed into an arena the pro-abortionists cannot spin to their advantage. A teenager who is pregnant by an older male tries to kill her unborn children and solicits the help of another, and he is given life in prison and she is not charged because she was just seeking an abortion.

This is an issue Planned Parenthood, the nations largest abortion provider, is stunningly quiet on. Of course Planned Parenthood is under investigation in two states for failure to report rapes of “young women”; these “young women” being children between the ages of 11 to 14 who come to have abortions without “parental consent”. A “right” Planned Parenthood is in the midst of defending refusing to release that information in Indiana and Kansas under “privacy” issues.

One thing that sticks in our mind is the cold stark reality that Planned Parenthood promotes the “privacy” of child molesters so they are not prosecuted while they remain so quiet as a teen that just helped another young woman self abort gets a life sentence.

Rampant reports of former abortion clinic workers to the US Congress state no trained personnel attend a large portion of “procedures” (abortions). Are they next up for murder charges? Do not hold your breathe.
How one can take all that in account and come to a single legitimate conclusion is astonishing.

Explaining the impossible with the unimaginable by reasoning the implausible is incomprehensible.

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