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July 2, 2005

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The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth please


web posted July 2, 2005

Edgefield County Council is up to its usual shenanigans again, but this time with very serious and potentially explosive public backlash.

No stranger to wanting to zone the entire county, the Administrator has seized on a few long-time and relatively new residents’ anger over four chicken houses going in on a large tract of land. Administrator Adams is quietly and intentionally deceiving the true purpose of two new ordinances that were submitted in a special called meeting last week to the citizens of the county and the media.

A repeat of the 1999-2000 zoning debate, when the council and Adams both said it was not, nor would be, their intent to zone the entire county just Merriwether, is to be avoided at all costs. Former Councilman Danny Bishop voted to ignore the wishes of Merriwether and was unseated and defeated in the last three elections over the issue.

Adams, however, is not elected, he is appointed and has now proven to be intentionally zoning the entire county and is not properly publicly notifying property owners. That is not just an oversight, it is by design. His and Clerk to Council Barbara Stark offices could have included this in the information that was to be published in notifications to residents but did not.

In our opinion that is not just underhanded; it is downright dishonest.

The hotly contested zoning of the Sweetwater Road area, which has lasted well into a year long debate, would be resolved without the Planning Commission ever finishing their work and the results of their findings being published. Most notable of which was the large public condemnation of the idea. Imagine the result if the people of Edgefield County were to be made aware that the new zoning is for everyone. The idea was to hold a quiet uneventful Public Hearing so they could always say, “you had your chance to speak,” and end any challenge to the new zoning.

Thus is the reason for the bait and switch of the chicken farm issue and quietly stealing private property rights of every single property owner in the county in one nice quiet package.

Residents of Lake Trenton complain about the smell that can be produced by the chicken houses. That is nothing to the smell that is emanating from the Edgefield County Council Buildings over this whole issue. For once, Council, tell the people of this county the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, please. They are not three different things.

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