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July 16, 2005

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When the chips are down, true colors are shown


web posted July 16, 2005

Mr. Marion Key has been missing since July 12, 2005. He left his seventeen year job at Wal-Mart at around 11:00 pm that Tuesday night, due to feeling ill, to go home and has not been seen since.

Local television stations carried the story and the community responded. Volunteers from the Merriwether Fire Department and EMT’s, members of Big Stevens Creek Baptist Church, Edgefield Daily.com, and community members joined in to search the local area. The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Adell Dobey himself has made the disappearance a top priority.

Every single road in the Merriwether community has been searched twice. Sheriff Deputies continue to comb the area and the county. A national alert has been issued and no solid lead has been reported.

The family has one thing on their mind, getting as much information out as fast as possible. They have, at their own expense, printed flyers and posted them in the North Augusta and Merriwether Community. Local businesses have also stepped up to the call. Sportsman’s Bar-B-Que has already provided food to the family and Old McDonalds Fish Camp is providing dinner as well.

Big Steven’s Creek Baptist Church and other community members have responded in like manner.

However, not all local businesses are so open to helping the family. It is not the fact they do not want to help as much as it is who it is and what help they refuse to provide that drew our attention.

Mr. Marion Key is a seventeen year veteran of Wal-Mart. His wife, Melba Key, is an eight year employee of the same store. Yet, one of the only two businesses that refused to allow the family to place flyers seeking information on Marion Key was his own company, at his own store, Wal-Mart of North Augusta. The other, even more ironic, was Heavenly Creations, a Christian store.

When Sam Walton was alive and David Holt was abducted from Sam’s Warehouse in Martinez the corporation placed billboards and offered rewards for information. Today, after his passing, they refuse to allow family members to place a simple flyer asking for information of a fellow employee that is missing and have not offered so much as a piece of tape to place the flyers produced by the family on the window of bordering businesses.

What a sad example they set.
We suppose it just goes to show Wal-Mart not only cares little for local businesses, but even less for their employees who are in desperate situations.

They should be ashamed

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