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August 2, 2005

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Find the terrorists, but do not look for them?


web posted August 2, 2005

Find the terrorists but do not look for them; sounds pretty stupid does it not? In reality that is just what the castrated federal government has done. We say castrated because prior to 1960 the federal government pretty well had this walk softly and carry a big stick thing down pat.

Then came Viet Nam, and the control over the national media well in the hands of the communist sympathizers, the liberal agenda took center stage. For the first time in the history of the United States of America we were cast as the bad guys in a war by our own media.

So soon the minds of those entranced in the now popular medium of television had reality replaced with sound bites. Just because someone was standing in the country they reported on they were now experts on all things relating to the events, the culture, and the politics. America was told of the atrocities of American military personnel and the stark realities of brutal abuses of the communists were suppressed.

Now, every war we fight is wrong before we fight it, even when we are attacked first. Imagine if the media of today were to cover Pearl Harbor that mild December morning. America would be cast as deserving of the attack because of blockades of fuel shipments to Japan much like the New York Times says “Western Culture” is responsible for the terrorists’ attacks we and our allies suffer.

Meanwhile, to appease the politically correct apologists on the left, our government is told to try to understand why the terrorists hate us and work to develop a “dialog”. Of course, to show that we are not interested in actually preventing another attack, we waste valuable resources to search little old ladies in wheelchairs, attractive females, and black and white middle age males in business suits. There is no limit on how many of those you may search however there are limits on how many 18 to 35 year old males of Middle Eastern decent with Muslim garb and a Koran in their shirt pocket that can be taken aside for further scrutiny.

Due to fears of having the media portray someone who might actually look for a terrorist as being “racist” and “profiling,” or being sued by the ACLU (which was formed by card carrying members of the Communist Party) , our government is proving justice is blind, as well as law enforcement when it comes to terrorists.

America is inundated with stories about how anything we do to protect our country is not good. Our “image” overseas is not well received due to our actions. The arrest of Muslims is the sole ignition of more terrorist attacks. Former President Jimmy Cater goes into foreign countries and says prisoners of the war held by the US are, “an embarrassment”. During the war!

Could you imagine what the people of America would have done to Herbert Hoover if he had said the same thing during World War ll about how Franklin Delano Roosevelt and then Harry Truman handled the war? Today he would be given the Nobel Peace Prize as President Carter was so honored for his “outspoken” comments and actions.

It is time for the ignorant policy of political correctness to be tossed aside as the failure it is. 99.999% of all terrorists are Middle Eastern Muslims between the ages of 18 and 35. Look for them and leave honest, hard working AMERICANS alone. Grandma is not going to bomb the plane. The baby in the stroller pushed by the twenty-something white female is not going to crash the plane into a building. The black man in the three-piece suit, and happens to be a government employee, is not going to blow up the train.

Until America wakes up to the fact that throwing off party line politics and voting, the only way to rid our country of those who internally will do more harm to us under the lie of being politically correct, our country or our state is becoming more vulnerable top attack, not safer from them.

If you really want to stop a terrorist you have to look for them and protect our borders. We are doing neither.

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