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August 25, 2005

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Liberal media in quicksand


web posted August 25, 2005

Is there any question about how liberal the media is? Most Americans admit the unequivocal evidence that the national media has a template for all stories; make President Bush, and America, look bad; blame America; call America the problem… unless it involves Democrats then stay silent.

No more evidence is needed than the “mainstream media” reports, and non-reports.

By now everyone knows “peace mom” Cindy Sheehan who the Associated Press claims, “faulty prewar intelligence surfaced and caused her to become a vocal opponent of the war.” Far from the truth and the AP knows it. But to tell the truth about Sheehan would reveal a side, a very ugly side, of Sheehan and the media. So her decades long partisan protests, which can only be described as left wing radicalism, is not worthy of mention in “news” reports by the liberal media.

Also going unreported are those “peace activists” who are protesting in support of Sheehan in Washington DC in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center where hundreds of wounded service members are recovering from wounds. These “peace protesters” are staked out right at the front door with caskets and signs that read, “"Maimed for Lies" and "Enlist here and die for Halliburton."

They also spew hate to those who enter the hospital to visit the brave men fighting to protect our country.

That would make the “peace protesters” appear on the fringe and that, you see, does not fit the “template” and would embarrass Sheehan and the media’s agenda so it goes un-reported.

Also not getting attention is another “mother”, however this one supports President Bush and our fighting men and women so she is ignored. What makes her so special is she does not have a son in Iraq, she has five sons in Iraq and a husband to boot! Her story is one of hope and positive views on the War on Terror and she does not call for the President to be jailed. She doesn’t fit the template so… no reporting.

Furthermore, Sheehan has claimed “Bush killed my son” and in the next breath call the actual killers of her son, terrorists in Iraq, “freedom fighters.” We wonder why the “media” missed that twenty minute interview she gave to CBS, which never aired?

Then we have the media feeding frenzy over Pat Robertson who suggested the US assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The blasting of “right wing” Robertson has been 24/7. Oddly enough, the same media never once even gave a second look at a Newsweek article written in 1997 by Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos titled, “Why we should kill Saddam.”

The liberal elites in the media surround themselves in a world of their own creation and believe that is the world America lives in. By reporting all the “news” in that light they believe they, the media, form public opinion. However Americans are smarter than that and with the creation of the internet and talk radio the onetime closed-fist control on information was broken and readership of newspapers and the “big three” broadcast stations have dropped and continue the free-falling to record lows of Americans tuning in or reading.

Yet, just as the Democrats blame stupid voters for not returning them to power in government, the media continues to bash what Americans support. To the media, you are just too stupid to understand how smart they are, so you will be bashed again and again with the same template for stories until you learn (are indoctrinated) into believing the lies that get presented as “news”.

The Democrat Leadership and their propaganda friends in the media are caught in quicksand (truth known by Americans) and are thrashing around trying to grasp the imaginary limb that hangs out over the pit (their biased “reporting”) as they sink deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Some people just never learn.

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