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August 29, 2005

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Imagine, a State Championship game at Strom Thurmond


web posted August 29, 2005

Imagine if Strom Thurmond High School was playing for the State Championship at the high school. At least 2,500 people are in attendance to view the game. What an exciting time it would be.

However, the first thing that has to be considered is security for so many people. Of course you would have to have at least two or three deputies to be near or at the gates. At least two more patrolling the inside fence area. And to protect that many vehicles in the parking lots, at least one watching over that. Another deputy would be needed to patrol the immediate area in a patrol car, just in case.

Most would agree that would be the minimum coverage needed to keep the patrons “secure.”

However, on any given night, the entire county relies on about four Edgefield County Deputies to “secure” a population of almost 25,000 covering over 502 square miles. But do not blame the Sheriff.

Edgefield County Sheriff Adell Dobey is at the mercy of the Edgefield County Council for the funding of our protection. Although the Council would no doubt supply the funds needed to host a football game as described to provide security for the event and patrons; local tax paying citizens do not require, or justify, the same. The salary of our county administrator could supply three deputies to protect your property verses one individual who wants to limit your use of property.

Adding in the expense of legal fees paid by the county and “consultants” every year by the administrator to remove property rights of county land owners would fund another two deputies. However, priorities are priorities when it comes to local government.

As Edgefield Daily.com covers many of the events undertaken by our officers, what most citizens are not aware of is the enormous amount of calls they respond to in-between those reported. A review of those calls would stagger the mind on how so few do so much in so little time for such low pay.

Edgefield County will give outlandish salaries to those in the administration of the county government yet negate their responsibility when it comes to true responsibility of their office, to protect and serve the taxpayer.

When it takes twenty minutes for a deputy to arrive, do not blame the Sheriff, blame your councilman. When you see something and say, “Why is there never a cop around when you need one,” do not blame the Sheriff, blame your councilman.

The men and women who work in our local law enforcement agencies do a grand job considering the extreme workload they have to handle while being understaffed and under funded. 

It is telling when you would agree that a football game would require far more protection than you are afforded on a daily basis on your own home and property by your county councilman.

Our local law enforcement officers place their lives on the line every day for less than most would be willing to work for in an office.

As Edgefield Daily.com witnessed an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Deputy trying to control multiple people, one who tried unsuccessfully to reach for a gun, we have to wonder who is providing more on the job; a county bureaucrat with a pant-load of equally overpaid minions subverting residents’ property rights or those who face a gun?

But priorities are priorities and you can thank your county councilman for that.

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