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September 3, 2005

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Marion Key: More questions than answers


web posted September 3, 2005

Edgefield County Deputies discovered the location of the car driven by Marion Key when he disappeared on July 12, 2005 after leaving his job at the North Augusta Wal-Mart on Friday afternoon. It was a major break in the case. However, it leaves more questions than it provides answers.

Edgefield Daily.com was on the scene moments after the call went out and stayed until the scene was released. We were given access to the crime scene before it was moved. We saw what our investigators saw.

The red Geo Metro stands out in the greenery like a sore thumb. It would have been easily seen from the air during the massive daily searches by air in the days following his disappearance. The car could be seen standing in the small road off the edge of the field one would have to drive through to where the car was found. You also had to drive through the front yard of the property owner to enter the field.

As Edgefield Daily.com was speaking with family members as the towed car was taken to the impound we, and family members, noted the towing hitch seemed to be missing from the car. Investigators did not comment on the question.

Then the questions: How could a car so obviously and easily seen go undetected for almost two months?  Mr. Key’s walking cane, which he had to have in order to walk, was found just feet from the car yet there was no sign of Mr. Key. A cadaver dog was brought to the scene and not once did he “hit” on anything. The surrounding terrain is heavily wooded and it would be impossible for Mr. Key to be far if he in fact was the one who drove to the scene. There were no clothing, wallet, or other items Mr. Key had with him found.

Which raises another question, if Mr. Key was lost or confused at the time he would have been just a few yards in front of a home that he could have stopped for help, why wouldn’t he?

Family members stated Mr. Key hated dirt roads and refused to drive on them. Why then would his car be found at the end of a dirt road which is clearly marked as a dead end?

Most of all, why is there absolutely no evidence, other than the cane, of Mr. Marion Key in the area? From our personal observations one would conclude the car has not been at that location almost two months. The grass under the car was dying, but not completely dead, and some of the greener blades were almost as tall as the surrounding grass. The car had been there for some time but to us it just doesn't seem like it could have been there the whole two months. That is just an opinion. We are not investigators; that is a call to be made by law enforcement.

Edgefield County Sheriff Adell Dobey definitely has his work cut out for him on this ever evolving mystery that continues to provide no answers, just questions. Nevertheless, as the staff of seasoned investigators in the department continues to solve crimes with little or nothing to go on, we fully expect they will solve this mystery as well.

We pray the Key family will be given closure on this matter as soon as possible. We have worked very closely with them and have kept the story on our main page since the day Mr. Key went missing. We will continue to keep the story on our main page until it is resolved.

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