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September 7, 2005

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Apples, oranges, and fuzzy math


web posted September 7, 2005

Administrator Wayne Adams was to get bids for IT services and support for the county. The bid system is to have everyone bid on the same job under the same contractual specifications. However, when one wants to confuse those who do not pay attention to detail (county council) who will take the advice of a proven manipulator (Administrator Wayne Adams) the obvious happens. We pay too much for too little.

We firmly believe Administrator Wayne Adams has proven time and again that he cannot be trusted. From the incomplete information given to council on the hidden agenda of zoning the county without telling anyone, including council, to the illegal blocking of Edgefield Daily.com from access via county computers; Adams has once again manipulated council and again shown how inept they are.

Council forced Adams to remove the block he directed, improperly, Pronet to place against Edgefield Daily.com. Council had no idea Adams was placing the county in jeopardy of a Federal lawsuit yet again. Of course, it appears he intentionally misinformed council on the vote to zone the entire county until Edgefield Daily.com exposed the hidden agenda Adams had. The County Council looked like useful idiots until they rightly voted to throw the ordinances out when the public was informed our county council does not read what they vote on and instead trusted Adams to tell them the truth, as foolish as that is.

Once again, we believe to protect Adams’ self-created dictatorship over the county; it appears he had to have manipulated the bidding process to assure his seemingly willing accomplice in internet manipulation (Pronet) would retain the county’s business. Other ethical companies may not be so willing to do what would land the company and the county in federal court. So Adams does what Adams is so skilled at, misleading, manipulation, and outright deception.

Only two of the four bids were equal on the specifications of 300 hours of services, Pronet and Simple PC. Smith Data bid on a basis of 150 hours of service. A3 Communication bid a flat rate of $1,200 a month for the computer services and support. Adams told council that Pronet was the low bid because they were willing to provide the 300 hours of service and support at $1,740. Neither Adams nor council can add. 300 hours of service at $58 is $17,400 not $1,740.

Granted, Adams may have been distracted by the cell phone calls he kept getting during the meeting and yet neglected to turn off his phone. Citizens would have had their phone confiscated, but not Adams.

However, the fact is A3 Communications bid a flat rate of $1,200 a month for the services; at 12 months that is a bid of $14,400 a year. Apparently the low bid.

The Edgefield County Council, who keeps trusting the untrustworthy Adams, has again found themselves in a position of having to explain how inept they look for trusting their Administrator.

Not to mention A3 Communication will no doubt challenge the bid process once notified of the vote and statements made by Pronet advocate Wayne Adams. Edgefield Daily.com has a tape of the meeting in case any bidder wishes to review his statements.

We just have to wonder, at what point will our County Council get tired of looking like puppets while protecting Administrator Wayne Adams?

Adams has been the root of several lawsuits against the county, even a multi-million dollar federal suit, for his actions taken without the knowledge of the County Council. However, Adams is not the one who has to pay to settle these suits, the taxpayer does.

The council should have to stand up and take responsibility, so should Adams. Anyone else in county government would have been fired long ago.

Just what is it that Adams has over a majority of council that allows him to place us on the losing side of defending his actions in court cases while being paid more than the Mayor of Augusta? Most counties our size pays their administrator between $27,000 and $34,000 yet Adams gets the unimaginable pay of well over $80,000.

What does this extreme pay scale get the council? It allows them to keep being placed in the position of trying to deflect attention of their own ignorance or inability to actually run this county.

Much the same as stating in one meeting they want to be repaid for the tens of thousands of dollars the county paid to improve a road for Bettis Rainsford and then just give it to him for free.

Why is it Adams’ name is always associated with impropriety?  Moreover, how does this man keep a job when he keeps making his bosses look like fools?

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