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September 15, 2005

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Where oh where is Jim Oliver tonight?


web posted September 15, 2005

Merriwether Planning Commission member Jim Oliver just can’t seem to be able to attend the meetings of the Planning Commission. So far, just this year, Oliver has a near 60% absenteeism rate. That’s not good for Merriwether, the fastest growing areas in the county. We would hope that the representative of the community was actually involved in its planning. That is not the case when it comes to Jim Oliver. His dedication is to the Charter High School Fox Creek where he attends meetings as a School Board member on the same night the planning commission meets.

In reality nothing is missed in the planning commission meetings with his absence, Oliver’s staunch answer to any problem in the county is zoning. Odd that he represents an area that has thrice rejected pro-zoning candidates.

Being the representative for the fifth district his appointment to the commission rests on County Councilman Joel Hudson. Calls to Mr. Hudson for comment on our story on the matter were not returned, which happens a lot.

Mr. Oliver’s persistent absence led Zoning Administrator Guy Mueller to send Mr. Oliver a personal invitation to the planning commission meeting. At the time Mr. Oliver had missed three consecutive meetings. In Mr. Oliver’s reply he took issue with the invitation and gave a list of excuses. He also, still not referring to his duties on the planning commission, took the time to sing the praises of the wonderful things going on at Fox Creek High School still not mentioning his “duties” as a school board member there. He also had to take a quick swipe at Edgefield Daily.com by saying “contrary to what you buddy at Edgefield Daily says”, blah blah blah.

Grow up Mr. Oliver. Better yet, do your district a favor and step down from the planning commission. Spend all the time you want promoting the only publicly funded all white school in Edgefield County you deem so important to protect while neglecting your duties to the district you agreed to represent.

It is obvious you can’t have your agenda cake and eat it too Mr. Oliver.

The Planning Commission has a lot of power over the direction our county takes as a whole and as individual districts. It would be nice to have someone there who actually cares enough to show up for at least half the meetings. But Oliver can’t even do that.

Even if Mr. Oliver were to attend every meeting for the rest of the year he could only obtain barely more than a 50% attendance rating. He is presently at a near 60% absenteeism rating. That is disgraceful!

Step down now Mr. Oliver before the county council is forced to vote you out due to the citizens in your district demanding your removal, and it is coming. Tender your resignation immediately.

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