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September 22, 2005

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Higher gas prices are up to you


web posted September 22, 2005

Get ready for another jump in gas prices as Hurricane Rita takes aim at Huston Texas the East Coast’s major distribution center. Hopefully we will not see the panicked rush to the pumps which caused the last rash of false price increases of as much as seventy cents a gallon over unrealistic fears that gas will disappear because of a natural disaster.

First off, there is more gasoline in the United States of America right now than ever in the history of our country. With the suspension of eco-fascists regulations by the EPA which now allows gas to just be gas, not one of 42 “special blends” for certain regions the supply the nation has is more than adequate.

That will not stop the national media taking control of the mindless masses that live in the world of five second sound bites encouraging you to rush to the pump to fill your cars and extra gas canisters from irrational fears of there not being any gas tomorrow. Of course this again will result in driving prices up while you sit in line through the roof.

Edgefield County watched as priced rose more than seventy cents in an afternoon with the false reports that gas was going to run out. Anyone with a brain can figure out that if you cause a panic the resulting panic will lead to the desired result you want. If the masses had not rushed the stations and just gone about their daily lives gas prices would have remained stable.

The question with Hurricane Rita is will those who rushed to fill tanks and canisters of gas at inflated prices only to see the prices fall fifty cents just days later repeat their ignorance again when Rita hits? Chances are some will.

What Edgefield Daily.com suggests is the following. There is no shortage of gas in the Untied States of America so there is no need for panic. The sky is not falling. If you need gas, get it. If you don’t then avoid the mass hysteria and drive past the gas station and continue your normal life as you normally would.

Since when did your life revolve around a gas station? We wonder if the same people would rush to the store if there was a shortage of lottery tickets and start paying three times the face value just to get one.

Even if Hurricane Rita slams into Huston, the major oil port and refinery capitol of the east, it will mean nothing to the supply of gasoline already available for sale. You, the consumer, control the pricing. If you panic distribution centers (gas stations) will take advantage of you and be more than happy to reap huge profits due to the hysteria. Gas delivered to be sold at a current price around $2.49 will jump to over $3.00 again. What magical transformation happened to the gas in the ground between the time you drove up to get in line and the time you put the gas in your car that made it worth more?

In one sense we cannot blame them. If someone is willing to pay far more than what something is worth we might sell it to you at that price too. We would be more than willing to sell non-winning lottery scratch-off tickets found in the trash for ½ the face value to the same people.

You have to ask yourself, who is the foolish one, the business or the consumer?

Go about your daily lives and things will remain normal. Do not allow self prophesy to fulfill itself and then claim you were right for causing it.

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