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October 3, 2005

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When “Unity” is a bad thing


web posted October 3, 2005

Often times, almost always actually, county and local government councils vote with unanimous decisions. When council members oppose initial initiatives and later swap votes are asked why they changed their stance the common answer is “to show unity” in the decision. We have to ask, how is voting for something you are against showing unity? “Unity” to whom; their constituents or the Association of Counties who sponsor the beach side indoctrinations camps at Hilton Head Island as taxpayers foot the bill teaching “unity”?

County Councilman Norman Dorn is famous for inviting his constituents to Council meetings when volatile issues are raised to hear him grandstand for the little man. With his invited guests of local ministers and community leaders present, of course, he votes against the measures in a non-binding vote, but votes for the measure at the final and deciding vote.

All five councilmen did the same thing on the closing of John’s Road after the county had poured tens of thousands of dollars into road improvements to benefit Mount Vintage. Mr. Rainsford should have had to pay for the improvements Councilmen Dorn, Kitchens and Hudson said in one meeting only to acquiesce with Kneece and Bright when Mr. Rainsford appeared in person.

The funding for the road was based on helping Mount Vintage, not the taxpayer, in the continued construction of Mount Vintage. Now that the road is in the condition Mr. Rainsford wanted he is more than willing to take over and the county just walks away. Curious further is how at one meeting the traffic on the road is described as no-existent showing cause to close the road and the next meeting the reason for closure is the inordinate amount of traffic. Only in government will you see such duplicity openly welcomed.

Is the “unity” for the people of Edgefield County or the Association of Counties who teach our representatives how to represent the citizens as the Association of Counties sees things? An association that promotes diminished private property rights and promotes empowering governmental control over private property owners across the state, all with the taxpayers unknown contributions from taxation.

We have never met two people that agree on everything until we attended council meetings and found almost two dozen. The discourse we see and hear during the first and second non-binding votes is always for show. This is to get it on the record that a certain councilman said something he needs so he can say, “I was against” this or that at election time, when in fact they voted to approve unpopular legislation in the end. Most of which infringes on either your wallet or your property. Never be fooled into not believing money is property too.

Was it “unity” that brought about the secret zoning of the county at a surprise meeting with off agenda ordinances being presented by Administrator Adams, which Edgefield Daily exposed? Partially in that the training received by the County Council was to rely on the administrator and that is supported by the association.

With inaction by the County Council the objective obviously met their approval as well. Their vote to stop it was due to the exposure, not the idea or the way it was tried or Adams would have been sent packing. They covered for Adams to cover their own incompetence in the matter.

Unity is the last thing Edgefield County needs sitting on the County Council. Term limits, new ideas, and new representatives are what this county needs over the long term sitting majority that has directed the decline of local residents directing our county.

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