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October 18, 2005

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Is Harriet Miers right for the Supreme Court?


web posted October 18, 2005

When Judge John Roberts was named to the Supreme Court the left went apoplectic. Not because Roberts was some “right wing nut job” but because the left did not want to upset the “balance on the court”. President Bush, forced to appoint a second jurist to the Supreme Court leaves his base in the courtyard as he panders to the minority party.

The Republican base is not happy with the choice of Harriet Miers. Her close connection to President Bush just reminds us of the fiasco we witnessed with a similar appointment to FEMA when the chips were down.

Meirs should withdraw her name and go back to working deals for lottery officials with deep pockets in Texas.

And the Republican base? They are not happy with the actions of President Bush of late. Spending has mushroomed as if the Democrats never lost power. Granted the War on Terror and in Iraq needs to be fought and won, but the majority of spending does not go to those objectives but to social programs and pork barrel projects.

So, the conservative masses handed the total control of this nation to Republicans; the House, the Senate, and the Presidency and they get in return more spending, pandering to the losing side, and Harriet Miers.

President Bush is a “lame duck” President, he cannot run again. Why not act like it Mr. Bush?

The Republicans will lose the White House, and possibly seats in the House and Senate, if the right pick is not made on the Supreme Court, and that pick is not Miers.

The only way President Bush will seal the deal is to do what he knows he should do, appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. That woman would be none other than Janice Rogers Brown. For once America wants a jurist who will not “interpret” the Constitution but have the basic knowledge to read it and use it as the guidepost to measure all law by as it should be.

Former California Supreme Court Judge Brown is just that woman.

President Bush very well could seal the fate of the Republican Party by his pick to the Supreme Court, the wrong pick could hand power back to those the masses have voted out. It is about time the Republicans begin acting like they are in the majority or they will be placed back into the minority, which would be just as destructive.

Where is a viable third party when you need them?


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