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Obama, America’s Odinga: Blood is thicker than Politics

web posted October 27, 2008
OPINION – The bias of the American “main stream media” is no longer a question, it has become a fact with the Democrat Party selecting the most liberal, socialist, unqualified and questionable candidate in the history of the United States of America to run for president with their support. The national media has vetted “Joe the plumber” far deeper than the Democrat nominee, Barack Obama, who has far more questionable ties to radicals, terrorists, and the violent takeover of the Kenyan government by his cousin, Raila Odinga, head of the Orange Democtrat Movement. The aftermath of the election erupted into ethic cleansing following his defeat in 2007 by Kenyan President Kibaki.

Barack Obama made several trips, paid for by US taxpayers dollars, to his native homeland in 2006 to support Odinga in his bid as the “people’s candidate” in the election. But this is not a fact worth reporting by the “unbiased media” of today. Odinga promised in his campaign to “distribute the country’s wealth move evenly” and posters exclaimed he was the “Agent for Change”. 

An all too eerie reproduction in the Obama campaign of “spreading the wealth around” and “Change we need”.

Odinga, who openly admitted that he and Obama were “cousins” with Obama at his side saying they came from the same Kenyan tribe, encouraged civil unrest in an effort to seize power in spite of his loss. Obama, as late as December of 2007, continued to visit the country in support of his cousin in spite of the deaths of countless civilians, including Christians who were burned to death in churches as they tried to escape the slaughter.

The accounts were reported in world and American media at the time but are not recounted during this election. The media is more interested in Sarah Palin’s daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock.

In spite of Barack Obama stating in his autobiography, “Dreams of my Father” (his father was a member of the Kenyan Communist movement), he would side on behalf of Muslims over the United States, the American “mainstream media” looks the other way finding the connection unworthy of mention.

Although the Obama campaign has tried to “sanitize” the web of articles that expose his Communist/Socialist ties, a copy of the Spring Edition of the “New Party newsletter” dated 1996, shows Obama was, and perhaps still is, a member of the communist/socialist party stating, “Three other New Party members won primaries this spring in Chicago, Barack Obama (State Senate), Michael Chadler (Democrat Party Committee), and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary).”

Again, that fact is unworthy of reporting by the liberal media.

Forget domestic terrorist and communist Bill Ayers, Obama’s “family” connections and his active involvement in Odinga’s violent takeover of Kenya and Odinga’s signed agreement to institute Islamic Law over the country, in spite of the Muslim minority, should ring at least one bell in any honest reporter’s mind.

Not to mention that before the election in Kenya there were rampant reports of voter fraud long before ballots were cast. Again, eerily similar to the 2008 presidential election where ACORN, a group indisputably linked to the Obama campaign, has already been indicted in several states for voter fraud.

Again, not worthy of a second look by the American mainstream media.

The existence of the United States of America’s sovereignty sits in the balance as voters go to the polls next week. The media tells the American people, as they did with Odinga, that the election was over before it began.

Will America face the same if Obama loses? Absolutely. Though the “lead in the polls” is a figment of the media’s imagination and their ambitions it will fuel the violence because their candidate did not win therefore implying that the vote was “fixed” and reporting on the aftermath will be great press.

The media and the Democrat Party, to this day, claims President George Bush “stole” the election from Al Gore in 2000, in spite of his re-election in 2004 over liberal John Kerry. Though that was hotly contested, it did not bring the animosity that failing to elect a black candidate who leans further left than Karl Marx will carry due to the playing of the “race card”. 

Just as Odinga seized the assets of working people to “distribute the wealth more evenly”, Barack Obama plans to seize the assets of working individuals 401K’s to “spread the wealth around” to those who do not work. He promises “tax cuts for 95% of American’s” although almost half do not pay federal income taxes.

In addition, he has openly stated he plans to let the Bush tax cuts expire, which will raise taxes on everyone since President Bush’s tax cuts were “across the board” and not directed at any specific wage earner. That is a tax increase, not a tax cut, but that fact is again not worthy of explanation or investigation by the liberal media. Yet the Democrats and the liberal media continue to promote the lie of “tax cuts for the rich”.

Furthermore, in spite of financial and economic experts claiming that an Obama Presidency would bring a deep recession, if not a depression, the media claims that free market capitalism is the foe not the Obama agenda. The majority of experts have stated the downturn in the stock market is a direct reflection of the market “correcting” for the chance of an Obama presidency.

In addition, even Barack Obama’s running mate, Sen. Joe Biden has “guaranteed” that if Obama is elected America will face another “international crisis” and that the American people will not support Obama, if elected, in his handling of the event.

Now there is a comforting reality.

It may be too late to ask God to bless America. Perhaps we should ask God to have mercy upon America. It seems the liberal national media has chosen their “American Idol” and anyone who disagrees with them is wicked, racist, and worthy of whatever evil befalls them.

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