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October 31, 2005

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President Bush gets second chance to get it wrong


web posted October 31, 2005

Today President Bush is expected to announce his next appointment to the Supreme Court. It seems his first choice, Harriett Miers, had a few too many skeletons in her closet, and his as well. Who will he pick? That is the $64,000 question. One thing is for sure; it will not be who either side of the political spectrum expects.

President Bush has consistently been drawn into the false belief that those on the left would accept him if he would just make concessions in political decisions, such concessions as allowing left-wing liberal Ted Kennedy to write the education bill.

Sometimes we wonder if President Bush is as much of a dunderhead as the left claims he is for trying to negotiate with the left. It is a safe bet that any Republican would have as much success trying to appease Osama bin Laden as he would dealing with the leadership of the hate-America first leftist in control of the Democratic National Committee.

What should President Bush do? Forget trying to appease the enemy.

Name the staunchest strict Constitutionalist to the Supreme Court. One who refuses to “interpret” the Constitution and simple judge our laws passed by Congress against the Founding Document. Of course this would result in the Democrats filibustering the nomination.

Good, it is high time to rules of Senate be changed back to the ones our Founders set forth. The so-called “nuclear option” is just spin speak for “we cannot allow to lose control over left-wing judges legislating from the bench.”

It is time to remove the use of the words “our democracy” from the English language in America. We are not a democracy, we are a representative Republic. It is time American’s understand the media is biased and portrays common sense and freedom as “right wing crazies”, as was stated by NBC’s heartthrob Cokie Roberts. Of course the left wing crazies are “special interest groups.”

How quaint.

Who should President Bush select? We still stand behind Judge Janice Rogers Brown. A woman, a minority, and a strict Constitutionalist who does not need to look to foreign countries or foreign laws to decide what is legal in America.

Anything short of just such a choice will all but assure that the next president will be the most dangerous and criminally minded liar; Hillary Clinton.

If President Bush deserts the conservative base on this choice, there will indeed be hell to pay for all Republicans. We just wonder if that has been his intent all along.   


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