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Democrats dishonest on Fair Tax ads

web posted November 2, 2006

OPINION – With the election less than a week away candidates and political parties are in a full court “press” to sway voters to support their candidates or party platform through campaign ads. Most of the ads are misleading and some are outright lies. Politicians claim the outrageous statements made in their ads are true with the disclaimer, “I (insert candidate’s name) approve this message.” It would be nice to have candidates actually and factually address the issues for a change. The worst offenders in the latest round of dishonest ads come from the Democratic Party, though many come from Republicans as well.

One of the most deceitful ads being run in congressional races is how Republican candidate (insert name) is supporting a measure to “raise your taxes by 23%” with their support of the Fair Tax, a 23% national sales tax. What the Democrats intentionally do not say is the Fair Tax would do away with all other income taxes, including Social Security. If you work at a job that pays $10 and hour and you work 40 hours you would take home $400. That is right, you get all of your money on payday with no federal income taxes taken out, none.

In addition, everyone would get a “prebate” check every month for sale tax that would be paid on items like food, medicine, and other essential needs of supporting your family. The poorest would pay no taxes at all under the plan and would still receive the prebate check. The beauty of the Fair Tax is the 40 million illegal aliens would be paying taxes. All other nefarious underground monies would also be garnered as drug dealers, prostitutes, and other black market activity would now be contributing to the tax base when they make purchases.

Democrats say prices would go up by 23% with the tax. That is also not true and they know it. Embedded in the price of everything produced is the cost of federal taxes on companies. This would be removed making the prices fall an average of 26% before the sales tax is added back in. The result? Prices stay the same or will go lower even with the added sales tax. The tax would only apply to the purchase on new items. Used items would not be taxed as the tax would have been paid at the time of the original purchase.

Why does this bother Democrats? Because they have stated that if they regain power in Congress the first order of business is to raise taxes. The Fair Tax makes the power of government less since taxes are now completely voluntary and political ads cannot obfuscate about how they want to “tax the rich” and help the poor. No left leaning politician, and certainly not the Democrats, wants to lose any power over the voter. After all, most elected officials in either party only care about one thing, staying in power.

Another thing the Fair Tax would do is make lobbyists extinct. No more would groups, companies, or lawyers need lobbyists to wine and dine Congressional members into supporting legislation that benefits their clients on tax issues or financially increase regulated business opportunities. It would also make those wonderful and lovable IRS agents unemployed.

The Fair Tax makes sense and will return the power of government to the people, where it belongs, not self-aggrandizing politicians that just want to buy votes with your tax dollars in order to remain in power over the individual. EdgefieldDaily.com supports the Fair Tax and every candidate that supports the measure as well.

Call your candidate and ask his or her position on the Fair Tax. If they do not support it, do not support them with your vote next week.


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