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November 8, 2005

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A lesson in French


web posted November 8, 2005

Pacifism does not work, case in point, Paris France

Pacifism does not work. It never has and it never will. For all those who claim the self-created high moral ground of opposing the War in Iraq, or all war for that matter if the United States of America is involved, by saying “peace is the answer” should take a lesson from the French.

The French, who have never won a war except when they fought themselves, oppose any war just as the left-wing liberal socialists in America do. They have allowed the Islamic communities to grow in their country believing that by allowing them to experience how wonderful France is everybody would just love each other.

In the face of terrorists attacks on the United States homeland and the weekly attacks on our military in Iraq the French pandered to the Islamic community in France. They took that moral high ground our American left loves to spew. How well did that turn out?

France is in the midst of daily deadly riots from these peaceful Islamic communities. Businesses are burned, police are shot at, and every step is being taken to insure not to offend the Muslims who are doing the rioting. They are said to be calling in the French Military, we can just suppose it is so they can surrender.

For the “peace loving” left, peace comes through victory, not surrender.

How should France, and now the rest of Europe, deal with the Islamic rioters? Shoot them!

It is not as if police do not know who these people are. They know who they are, where they are, and when they are going to start rioting. Set a curfew and just line streets with police and shoot anyone, yes anyone, who steps out of the door under cover of darkness to riot.

The Islamic religion is one that believes they are the ones who should rule the world, including America. By bowing to them with fears of not wanting to “offend” them is foolish.

Maj. Gen. James Livingston, Medal of Honor winner who visited Edgefield County this Saturday, understands this. He pointed out how the veterans of World War 2 saved the world from tyranny. We knew who our enemy was and our plan was simple, kill them and win the war.

However today, just as it was in the 1960’s and 70’s, the American left, made up almost completely of the “mainstream” media and the Democratic Party leadership, would have America try to reason with the terrorists. We should seek to understand why they hate us they say.

That is not victory and it will not lead to peace.

How long will the United States continue to allow the same Islamic terrorists to enter our country?  How long before we see the same type riots that are going on in France happening in the politically correct US? Political correctness is the incubator of terrorists. The terrorists know this as does the left in America. France is the perfect example of what pacifism gets you.

Our nation should not be afraid to identify our enemy and wipe them out as we did during World War 2. That is how peace is achieved, through victory. Leave the pacifiers to the babies who need the adults to take care of them.

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