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Win for Dems loss for America

web posted November 13, 2006

OPINION – The recent take-over of Congress by Democrats will have a devastating effect on America over the next two years. Two of the Democrat Patry's most liberal members, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, will be named House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader respectively.  Their stated goals prior to the election? Raise taxes, impeach President George Bush, surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan, kill the economy, and decimate the Second Amendment.

The Democrats have already stated they intend to reverse the tax cuts responsible for the growing economy. Of course, they will claim they will only raise taxes on “the rich”. The “rich”, according to Democrats, is anyone who works for a living and pays taxes. In addition to taking more money away from working Americans, they have said they intend to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 and hour to $7.25. Small businesses, responsible for the majority of jobs, will be forced to cut the number of workers to offset the costs. Millions of union contracts, all based on the minimum wage, will have to be renegotiated for higher pay. This results in higher costs for goods and fewer jobs available in the market.

Surrender has been the call from the Democrats during the war on terrorists and in Iraq. They claim it is America and President Bush that is responsible for creating terrorists. This claim is absurd since America was not in Iraq before 9-11 and certainly was not there during the dozens of terrorist attacks on America and our interests over the last two decades.  Pulling out of Iraq will be a two-fold disaster. First, terrorists will take over and murder millions just as the communists did after our retreat from Viet Nam. Secondly, it will send a message to the world that America will not follow through with any war. America, according to the Democrats, should appease Islamic terrorists with funds that will later be used to purchase weapons to attack us. Much the same way the Palestinians have done to Israel.

Reid and Pelosi both want all semi-automatic guns removed from the hands of law-abiding citizens. Americans, according to them, should rely completely on government for protection from gun-toting thugs. This wish list is not just for handguns, but all guns; shotguns, rifles, sport and target guns.

In addition, the Senate and House committees will serve up a slew of investigations and subpoenas to hinder the White House in running the nation and bog down our efforts in the war. The “blame America first” crowd soon to be in leadership positions would curry favor with the surrender at all cost French and seek “dialog” with terrorists. This is foolish due to the fact the terrorists have stated they have one goal; to kill Americans. The Democrats in their blind ignorance refuse to acknowledge the fact that these same terrorist would kill them first if given the chance.

In spite of the leftist and socialist agendas brought forward by the Democrats, this could actually be a good thing for Americans. It will give voters the chance to see the true agenda of the Democratic Party over the next two years. Surrender, higher taxes, socialized everything, and a welcome mat to illegal aliens.

It will not take long for Americans to see the Democrats are not looking out for Americans, but rather socialists, terrorists, illegal aliens, and European cowards. America deserves to get what they voted for this November.

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