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Monday, November 21, 2005


Why be politically Correct? 

web posted November 21, 2005

Why be politically Correct? The media is always concerned about how the words used in a story are read and what determination the reader gets from the written word. The mainstream media, or in politically correct terms means the most out of touch media, cannot force itself to use the term “terrorist” when reporting on a terrorist attack or the attackers. In the most recent past the terrorists were called “freedom fighters” or “rebels”. Most recently the focus group word is “insurgents”.

The new term is not terrorists or insurgents but rather “misguided criminals”. You cannot make stuff like this up. The ever so politically correct left media, who make sure not to offend anyone in their reporting, except Christians and conservatives; find any way possible to defend and promote failure. Oops, there is one of the politically incorrect terms, failure. A failure is “deferred success.” The present path of the Democratic Party has been met with great “deferred success” in recent years sounds so much better than being an utter disaster in election results as they have been voted out of office in increasing numbers. Now you know why PC is so important to them.

But this is not new. Since the term abortion is so correct it had to be changed because in the minds of Americans “abortion” was known to be the killing of a baby during the term of pregnancy. The PC term “pro-choice” was “born” to give a positive feel to the killing of an unborn baby. A favorite term we love is the “cuts” in spending by Congress. Just this past week the country was told about “cuts” in funding of Welfare and other government “social” programs. What was cut? Nothing, the budgets grew but not as fast as the left in the country wanted so by not giving the programs unfettered access to the pockets of the American taxpayer the programs were “cut”.

How many husbands want their wives telling us they are going to “cut” their spending with this mindset went they go shopping? “Yes, I spent $300 rather than $200, but I was going to spend $500 so it’s a cut in my spending.”

Of course not wanting to offend Muslim terrorists we cannot call them terrorists but we can offend the near 300 years of Christian influence the United States has seen. No Nativity scenes on public property, Christmas has to be called Winter Break or Seasons Greetings. Christ or Christian references must be removed.

Our local universities have also joined in the PC crowd and will not allow the use of B.C. (Before Christ) to be used in dates. The new term is C.E. for “common era”.

In reality the whole politically correct thing has outlived its original lifespan, which should have been about two hours. Being politically correct has, without question, been a complete “deferred success.”

Oh, do not forget to have a "General Appreciation" day this Thursday.

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