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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


A selfless Christmas gift

web posted November 30, 2005

The gift of caring is something most of us could use an extra dose of now and then. People seem to get so caught up in their own lives that they do not take the time to stop and think of others. One woman in Edgefield County who spends more time thinking of others rather than herself should be an inspiration to us all, Saundra Curry.

For almost a year Ms. Curry has made impassioned pleas to local, state, and federal officials regarding the intersection of Bettis Academy Road and Highway 25. The intersection has seen more than its fair share of accidents and is one of the most deadly in the county.

Just three weeks ago two men from Ninety-Six were killed when a woman from Aiken entered the highway and broadsided the SUV the family was traveling in. The two men, Thomas Hair, 40; and his father Clyde Hair, 83 died from injuries received in the crash. The wife of the elder Mr. Hair was released from the hospital a week later.

Most local people mourned, as they always do, for the loss of life - for a day or two - and then moved on because it did not affect them personally. Saundra Curry, however, was on the phone and traversing the roadways running down Senators and Congressmen pleading for action. All the while finding time to visit Mr. and Mrs. Hair in the hospital before the elder Mr. Hair died.

Ms. Curry has been to County Council meetings, she has become a pest (and gladly accepts that title) to the South Carolina Department of Transportation challenging their reports on the intersection. She has gathered petitions; she has spoken to ministers, community leaders, and even traveled to Washington D.C. to try to save the lives of people she does not even know.

She has done this not because of the loss of a family member or friend and she pays all her own expenses incurred in her fight for action addressing the intersection. If you ask her why she does it she will tell you it is because of her love for her fellow man.

So as the many Edgefield County residents travel Highway 25 South to Augusta to shop for that special Christmas present for all your other family members and pass the intersection of Bettis Academy Road, slow down, and know that the woman who lives just beyond that field on your right is trying to keep you from being the next statistic in some bureaucrat’s report on why the intersection does not need to be addressed.

If you want to give a special Christmas present to her the best one possible would be to write a letter, fax, or call your local, state, and federal representative in support of her quest to protect you.

You can contact officials by the links below
County Council

State and Federal Offices

SC Dept of Transportation

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