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Supporting the terrorists
web posted December 8, 2005

OPINION – What it up with the Democratic Party Leadership? In one breath they say they support the troops then in the next they call them terrorists. They say that America cannot win the war. Come to think of it they do not believe America can win any war. Well, if there are people who would know a lot about not being able to win something it would be the Democratic Leadership.

Every day I get to see another liberal on the TV claiming we have lost, we need to pull out now, bring our troops home, and it is Viet Nam all over again. Maybe in their mind all war is Viet Nam. But as Republican in name only John McCain correctly pointed out in Viet Nam the enemy did not follow us home.

What is it going to take to wake the liberals up? The terrorists do not care what your “party affiliation” is; they want to kill all Americans. Well, at least all those that will not bow to Mecca, and them, five times a day. Our enemy is a ruthless one. They want to kill you, me, your kids, and your grandkids.

It seems every time you see a prominent Democrat on the TV they are saying something that could not benefit the terrorists more if it were written by them, of course supporting the troops at the same time. How do you support something by undermining it?

I have heard the “Bush lied” line and have never had one person ever be able to pin point the lie. Just tonight there was a report on the nightly news that things were better in Iraq with Saddam in power. We get to hear the same talking points at his trial in Iraq that we get to hear at home by the liberal media. Then again Saddam’s lawyer is a Democrat and former a Clinton cabinet member.

Why, also, is it fair and balanced to the liberal media is having a “roundtable discussion” with three or four liberals and one conservative?  Does it take that many liberals to combat the words of one person on the right?

Another thing that just sticks out is the very people who are running around every day saying we cannot win or that we have already lost are the same people that say there are no losers. Why, calling someone a loser (even in sports) is bad for their self esteem. These are the same people who want to do away with having a valedictorian at graduation because it makes others feel bad they did not work as hard.

Try as I may to understand both sides of an argument, the one on the left is foreign to me. It is not based on fact or reason and it changes one day to the next as if people in America have no memory of what the politicos said the day before. To confront them with their own words is an attack on them personally.

I wish there was a single person on the left that would be willing to actually debate facts for a change. I have not been able to find one. If one is out there, please contact me. Write a letter, an article, anything that can explain the Democratic leaderships ever evolving position on the war. Remember, based on fact.

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