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Hybrids and higher taxes
web posted December 9, 2005

OPINION – Hybrid cars are thought by a few to be the answer to the United States’ dependency on foreign oil. They are fuel efficient and cost roughly one third more than conventional cars. The increase in price is said to be nominal since the fuel savings are so great. The math works out to you having to drive the car twelve years to gain back what you over paid for the car through gas savings.

In other words, you are still where you were financially, and driving a car with one third the horse power that you can never sell for what you have in it. That is called being “upside down” in a purchase. You owe more for it than you can sell it for so you have to keep it. Who won? Not you.

Let us take the green view to its full capacity. Let us say that every single American drove a hybrid. Everyone is saving gas and “protecting the environment” while being good stewards of the Earth. As if the Earth needs our help to be Earth.

However, transfer of produce and goods will be hampered due to lower load weights versus horsepower and electric engines. So, in turn, those goods will cost more because the companies who transport these goods to market will need more overpriced vehicles to haul the same amount of goods and companies pay neither taxes or cost of transportation, you the consumer do through higher prices.

That example can be replicated through all commerce and an equal amount of higher prices on all items.

Then comes the largest monster of all; government. Even if the mythical greening of the United States took place and the unobtainable “lowering of fuel consumption” was achieved by, let us say one third as a hypothetical, what does that do to government revenues derived from gas taxes? Do you really think government would stand to have its income slashed by one third?

If you believe that I own the third most inhabitable moon surrounding Earth that I will sell you real cheap.

The darlings of the left, John Kerry, Al Gore, and even Hillary Clinton all have said the best way to lower the consumption rate is to raise taxes to make the cost so high you can not afford to drive when and where you want. They, of course, can jet anywhere in the world for any reason because they are important people who have you paying their way. What is even more inept is they believe that is what you want.

The idea of raising the gas tax to make up for lower consumption is already a reality in some western states. So what if the price drops. So what if you use less. The government must be fed and it will demand you feed it at the gas pumps. Remember, there will still be the same number of cars, actually more because they carry less payload, and the same roads will still have to be maintained and more built and paved to satisfy the tax paying public.

Hydrogen is the answer some say. It is plentiful and can be created and the exhaust is water. Great, that is all we need, a lot of cars running around spreading water on the roads to make them slick and facilitate road decay. Can you just imagine the wonderful times in the Northeastern and Midwestern part of the US as dry cold roads are turned into ice rinks in the winter? Clearly the greenies have thought this one through.

The answer is simple. If you want to decrease the cost of fuel coming from overseas you drill your own. The United States has, within its boundaries, more oil than it would take to run this country for over one hundred years at the same increase in demand.

The Democrats block every attempt to become self-sufficient on oil and gas production. If you want to blame anyone for the high price of gas, blame the Democratic Party and its leadership as well as rank-and-file members. They support you paying higher gas prices and higher gas taxes.

That is quite a platform for the elections of 2006. 

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