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 Jimmy Carter, friend or foe

web posted December 11, 2006

Guest Column
by Carl Langley

GUEST COLUMN -  In 1976, after voting twice for Richard Nixon for president, I made the worst vote I ever cast in my life. I voted for James Earl (Jimmy) Carter for president. He made me wish we could get Nixon back.
As a result of my vote and millions of others who took a chance on Carter, the reward over the next four years was double digit inflation and double digit interest rates. He did a better job farming peanuts, but I suspect his brother, Billy, was the mastermind in that venture.
Carter, who spent his one-term wandering the White House in total confusion and fouled up the Irania hostage rescue effort by refusing to allow the use of enough helicopters to recover our people, was rewarded for his incompetence in 1980 by a resounding defeat at the hands of Ronald Reagan, who got my vote twice.

Now in what I and many others think is payback for his rejection, Carter is spending his retirement years scribbling books that glorify dictators, pouring gasoline on the Palestinian issue and condemning American foreign policy in general.
Thankfully, his writings are ending up on the $1 shelf at cut rate stores despite all the gushing reviews by his fellow liberals who spend most of their time thinking up new ways to gin up anti-American tirades.
Carter, let us note at this point, won a Nobel Peace Prize (which I suspect he believes carries some validity for his views), but considering the qualifications of those who sit on the Nobel committee and decide on the honorees even Joe Stalin and Mao, the murderers of millions, would be nominees.
In his latest book, titled "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid," Carter has succeeded in fouling his own useless nest by angering a great mass of Jews who were his benefactors 30 years ago. He did so by blaming Israel for the Mideast conflict.
I admire people who conduct themselves on a high plane and promote the Biblical call for people to treat others with love, dignity and respect.
Jimmy Carter, while walking about waving a Bible, should be carrying a message of love, dignity and respect, not taking a verbal cane to everyone who doesn't share his views of the world.
I would like to remind our ex-president that we now live in a world more hostile than at any time in history.
Hitler and Mao and their cohorts were mass killers, but even they had more sense than to order people to strap on bombs and blow themselves up along with others.
Carter should address that issue before he beings lecturing hectoring people in the western world who object to being treated as infidels and candidates for obliteration. If he can't bring himself to do that, he should shut up.


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