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The INsider

The "Inside line" on issues

The INsider
The INside gossip and insights in local government

October 24, 2006
Unqualified needed to apply
The INsider

September 21, 2006
It is all over but the fat lady singing
The INsider

September 18, 2006
Wait to celebrate
The INsider

August 28, 2006
The Wizard
The INsider

August 3, 2006
School is about to begin
The INsider

July 11, 2006
The canary
The INsider

June 26, 2006
The Beast
The INsider

June 12, 2006
Edgar Allen Poe
The INsider

June 1, 2006
The proof is in the pudding
The INsider

May 17, 2006
Troubles grow at Fox Creek
The INsider

April 11, 2006
"Stupid is as stupid does"
The INsider

April 4, 2006
Is this yours? Thank you, I'll take that
The INsider

March 23, 2006
Contracts are funny things, it is all in writing
The INsider

March 13, 2006
Fun and games continue
The INsider

February 23, 2006
A clue for the stupid
The INsider

February 14, 2006
Election shake-up coming?
The INsider

February 9, 2006
It can't happen here. Or... can it? Did it?
The INsider

January 30, 2006
Local makes good?
The INsider

January 23, 2006
The house of cards is collapsing
The INsider

January 12, 2006
Will Chief Easler leave job before investigation resolved?
The INsider

January 11, 2006
I am better, smarter than the judge
The INsider

January 6, 2006
A pot is about to boil
The INsider

December 27, 2005
Cover my absence
The INsider

December 14, 2005
Hickory dickery dock
The INsider

December 8, 2005
Shooting star or falling star?
The INsider

December 6, 2005
It' s all wrong, but don't change a thing
The INsider

December 1, 2005
Grants for fees?
The INsider

November 17, 2005
County Council will not take the heat for Planning Commission blunder
The INsider

November 15, 2005
Arrogant county official about to learn the law, the hard way
The INsider

November 10, 2005
Liar liar pants on fire
The INsider

November 8, 2005
Former Councilman has husband problems, again
The INsider

November 4, 2005
Fast and free on Halloween
The INsider

November 1, 2005
Who am I?
The INsider

October 31, 2005
Oliver won't be showing up
The INsider

October 20, 2005
Will duplicity be explained at STH?
The INsider

October 14, 2005
The well is running dry
The INsider

October 6, 2005
Light on, light off, light on
The INsider

September 30, 2005
Geez Louise who’s got the keys?
The INsider

September 27, 2005
Hey diddle diddle the cat's in the middle
The INsider

September 26, 2005
Pressure getting too high?
The INsider

September 22, 2005
Deja vous all over again
The INsider

September 21, 2005

A hibernating bear grows during the winter

The INsider

September 15, 2005
The political graveyard accepts all visitors
The INsider

September 12, 2005
A slip of the tounge
The INsider

September 3, 2005
They are watching you
The INsider

August 30, 2005
The book is back
The INsider

August 25, 2005
Bad boy bad boy
The INsider

August 23, 2005
Quid pro quo
The INsider

August 12, 2005
Told you so
The INsider

August 11, 2005
Frick and Frack not getting jack
The INsider

August 5, 2005
How (not) to attract voters
The INsider

August 3, 2005
Hey big spender...
The INsider

August 1, 2005
Zoning and where it will come from
The INsider

July 27, 2005
Trouble brewing for troubled school?
The INsider

July 23, 2005
The mice are climbing the mast
The INsider

July 21, 2005
Lost cause
The INsider

July 20, 2005
Adams calling in favors
The INsider

July 13, 2005
The INsider

July 11, 2005
Out of the frying pan, into the fire (Page failed to upload and was corrected on 7/12)
The INsider

July 7, 2005
Zoning DOA
The INsider

July 5, 2005
More problems at Fox Creek
The INsider

June 27, 2005
How to get a job before it is announced
The INsider

June 14, 2005
Fox Creek up a creek with no Greytop
The INsider

June 6, 2005
Trenton is in for good news.
The INsider

May 30, 2005
At present there are a few items worth mentioning. The turmoil over the proposed theater project that tanked is not over. The Town of Edgefield may have dropped the suit over trying to take the Mims property, but they have stirred a hornet’s nest instead.
The INsider

April 26, 2005

Currently there are several issues coming up in the county; the road maintenance tax, the zoning of  Sweetwater Rd, the zoning change in Merriwether for developer Jay Lacy and the county budget ranking as some of the top.
The INsider

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