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June 14, 2005

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Has the California gone mad? 

web posted June 14, 2005

In today’s fast paced world we have 24/7 news, internet, cell phones, cell phones with 24/7 news and internet. We have hundreds of newspapers, magazines, talk radio, TV and nonstop information from more sources than we can count. So why, with all the available information, do people act as if they have lost their minds.

When a California jury let obviously guilty O.J. Simpson walk of double murder one would think such an asinine event just could never happen again. Just because one is a celebrity it seems they are above the law anymore. After O.J. came actor Robert Blake who was charged with the murder of his wife, he walked too.

But the latest trial of Michael Jackson just goes beyond comprehension. A man who gave a televised interview where he admitted sleeping with young boys to justify why he shouldn’t be charged with sleeping with little boys after paying tens of millions of dollars to buy off a little boy he slept with is found not guilty of sleeping with little boys.

Justice is not just blind, it is deaf, dumb, and mute too. Scott Peterson sure wishes he had been in sports and the movies, a sitcom, or had a few albums out.

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