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Taking on higher education

Carl Langley

EdgefieldDaily.com Guest Columnist
web posted January 2, 2007

By even the most conservative of estimates it now costs American parents about $25,000 a year to pay for the college education of a single child, and you can add several thousand more for the incidentals.

That’s a burdensome investment in preparing one’s offspring for the future, so any parent expects his or her student will receive an education that lays a firm foundation to succeed in a highly competitive world.

If that was all parents had to worry about it wouldn’t be so bad, but in too many of today’s university settings a student entrusted to the care of others now runs the risk of being contaminated by leftist professors who preach virulent hate for the American system.

The loons of the left now operate, seemingly without restraint, in an educational system that has produced armies of scientists, economists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, et al, who helped transform America from a backwoods colony to the envy of the world.

In the warped minds of the lunatics now populating our learning centers things must change, so impressionable young people are being told one lie after another as America is blamed for most of the world’s woes. The list of sins liberals lay at our doorstep include neglecting poverty, promoting armed conflict and ignoring disease, famine and other social ills. Need anyone remind them that these scourges have been around since Biblical times.

Nowhere in our society is a counsel of hate more evident than in the sheltered groves of some of our higher learning centers. There the rabble of academia denounce the philosophies that have nurtured generations and empowered our people with the skills and spirit to make America the strongest nation on earth.

America is not just a merchant society. It is a vast conglomeration of the varied, vital fields - medicine, engineering, energy, marketing and manufacturing - that build a nation. You name it and America usually is in the lead when it comes to producing the things that enable us to live in a better world.

This beloved county was built by the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants who streamed here from virtually every corner of the earth. Our original colonists, as any historians is quick to point out, were immigrants. They came to America determined to better their lives and they knew their best hope was in this wild new land..

Unfortunately, the lunatic left ignores the lessons of our history in their unbridled hatred of the American democracy, which sits at the core of most of their grievances. They are socialist and communist to the core and believe the average American cannot be trusted to attend to his own affairs. Never mind that it is the average American who is the sinew, muscle and bone of this land once called the last best hope of mankind.

There are so many lunatics infesting college and university campuses it would be impossible for me to name them all, but a few who cannot keep their mouths shut provide good reference to the depth and stench of their bile.

Their vile utterances, outlandish arguments and outright lies show how really bad things have become in once venerated institutions of higher learning where teaching has been replaced by ranting against our country, mainly by politically driven professors who cast aside textbooks to promote their own malignant views.

Oddly, in every country that has been overtaken by communism it has been the so-called intellectuals (college professors and social researchers) who have led the charge against liberty and freedom.

Even more strange, the nutty professors use the liberties guaranteed by our Constitution to carry out their evil schemes, and in virtually every case they are aided and abetted by the weak-kneed acquiescence of university and college regents, trustees, deans, chancellors and other spineless parasites. They defend these worthless critics on grounds of academic freedom and free speech.

Academic freedom and free speech are to be admired, cherished and defended, but not to the point where such policies give lunatics free rein to spread propaganda and lies. While there is not enough space here to name all the offenders nor cite the many absurdities they claim, I focus on one in particular who has made a name for himself with his crazed claims about the 9/11 attack on America.

Kevin Barrett, described as an associate lecturer at the University of Wisconsin’s main campus in Madison, is peddling a conspiracy theory in which he suspects the Bush administration may be behind New York’s trade center towers attacks on Sept 11, 2001. He believes the buildings could have been brought down with timed explosives set up by Americans.

Never mind that some two dozen Muslim fanatics hijacked commercial jetliners and flew them into the buildings.

Barrett, who probably would have trouble lighting the right end of a firecracker, comes forth with a burdened agenda. He is married to a Muslim woman and was converted to Islam in 1992. He is a student of Arabic languages and holds a doctorate in African literature.

Barrett, who has never, to my knowledge, expressed support for the democratic system, claims expertise in the educational fields that have never produced a single thing leading to the betterment of mankind. Name for me one Muslim who has won a Nobel prize in the healing arts, in physics, mathematics, chemistry and on down the line. If prizes were awarded for blowing up buildings and killing people the Muslims would sweep the field.

While appearing on television recently, Barrett, who may or may not be a lecturer at Wisconsin in the coming year, claimed he is not alone in believing the Bush administration blew up the trade center towers. He said there are many others in his 9/11 Truth Movement who share his suspicions. I didn’t know there were that many nuts around, but considering the quality one finds on today’s college campuses his comments do not surprise me.

I want to thank Barrett for his enlightening remarks about his fellow theorists. It was the only defining statement in any of his crazed comments, because his confirmation about his philosophical bedfellows in his fantasy world supports my allegations that college campuses are bristling with lunatics eager to blame America and Americans for everything.

A Wisconsin university system spokesman, in an effort to defend the school where Barrett is leaving an odor that would make a polecat throw up, said Barrett’s classroom activities were investigated but there was no evidence he had pushed his views on students, or even promoted his conspiracy theory to his trapped students.

If you believe this lame, limp-wrested defense you also may believe that pigs can fly and shrimp can whistle. I remind the Wisconsin school administrators in their defense of Barrett about an old adage often heard in courtrooms: it is not only important to avoid impropriety but to avoid even the mere appearance of impropriety.

I sincerely believe that in many of today’s college and university systems timid administrators blindly ignore or even give comfort to many instructors and lecturers who violate a time-honored, time-proven policy that decrees teachers should teach to the textbooks and keep their opinions to themselves.

In closing, let us pray for those parents who have spent more than $100,000 on a child’s education, then on graduation day discover their student has become just as deranged as the ones who were supposed to prepare him or her for a career in the free market system.

In such cases it would be tempting to sue the school for allowing contamination of any student. Perhaps a few lawsuits aimed at professors and schools that allow classroom work to stray from the textbook could make administrators more wary and more demanding of those that teach.


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